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1/3/5 Head LED Solar Simulation Sunflower Lights Garden Yard Lawn Night Lights Landscape Lamp Home Decorative Flower Lights


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Product Details

Brand Identifier: Ligghig

Light Bulb Provision: Included

Manufacturing Region: Mainland China

Official Certification: CCC

Product Category: Outdoor Lawn Illumination

Design Aesthetic: Contemporary Elegance

Available Options: Yes


  • Composition: Silk-like fabric, ABS polymer, and stainless steel
  • Product Title: Solar-Powered Sunflower Beacon
  • Hue: Sunflower Yellow
  • Power Cell: 1.2V 600mAh, rechargeable
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP65
  • Activation: Manual on/off switch (integrated into the solar panel)
  • Energy Absorption Time: Requires 4-6 hours of sunlight for full charge
  • Illumination Duration: 8-15 hours of light per charge

Product Highlights:

  1. Versatile Solar Lighting: This item is not just a night-time lighting solution, it also serves as a charming garden adornment during the daylight hours. It is ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces including gardens, arbors, blossoming beds, fences, and pathways.
  2. Installation Simplicity: Without the complication of wires, this garden light is the epitome of simple and safe outdoor decor. To install, just insert the light’s stake into the soil and activate the switch.
  3. Resilience to the Elements: Sporting an IP65 waterproof rating, this light is designed to maintain its aesthetic appeal regardless of weather conditions, proving to be durable and fade-resistant.
  4. Smart Illumination: Featuring an inbuilt light sensor, the light intuitively turns on from dusk till dawn and will remain off under intense lighting to conserve energy. For optimal performance, position it in a well-suited location.
  5. Enhanced Solar Technology: With a high-capacity 600 mAh battery, this sunflower light’s advanced solar panel is engineered for efficient sunlight absorption, ensuring extended periods of luminance ranging from 8-15 hours after a full charge. The premium flexible materials contribute to a more vivid and lifelike floral display.

Included in the Package:

1 x Solar-Powered Sunflower Light




Emitting Color

3 head, 1 head, 5 head White, 5 head Red, 5 head Yellow, 5 head Blue, 5 head Pink, 3 head Blue, 3 head Pink, 3 head White, 3 head Purple


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