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4Pcs Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers Thicken-2mm Mirror Sheeting Decor Self-adhesive DIY Wall Sticker for Wardrobe Bathroom Home


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Product Details

Brand: Lifevilion

Source: China Mainland

Form: Square with fully adhesive backing

Sizes Offered: 8 x 8 inch (20x20cm), 12 x 12 inch (30x30cm).

Depth: 2mm

Shade: Metallic Silver

Design Inspiration: European


  1. Feather-light: Crafted from acrylic, these mirror stickers are conveniently lightweight, simplifying placement on different surfaces.
  2. Break-resistant: Unlike traditional glass mirrors, these acrylic alternatives are resistant to shattering, enhancing their safety and longevity, especially in spaces where breakages might occur.
  3. Adaptable Usage: Suitable for various applications like home embellishments, do-it-yourself ventures, arts, display signs, and more.
  4. Resistant to Moisture: Their water-resistant nature makes them perfect for damp settings like restrooms or kitchens.
  5. Transferrable & Repositionable: Depending on the adhesive type, these stickers can be shifted and reused, granting flexibility in their positioning.
  6. Effortless Upkeep: Cleaning these stickers is a breeze – just a gentle wipe with a soft cloth or a basic cleaning agent will do.
  7. Malleable & Customisable: Their flexibility lets you cut them into diverse shapes and sizes, paving the way for inventive uses.


Flame-resistant, antibacterial, repels moisture, self-adhering, moth deterrent, stain-resistant, prevents mould, and serves decorative purposes.

Perfect for:

Lounges, sleeping areas, washrooms, terraces, storage units, doors, and vanity tables.

Package Contents:

4 x Acrylic Mirror Squares (Paired with double-sided adhesive tapes)


  1. The material is pliant; it’ll smoothly adhere to even surfaces. If placed on irregular walls, clarity might be compromised. Ensure the wall’s evenness before application. Ideal surfaces include tiles, closets, doors, metallic walls, and glass.
  2. Shipping journeys might be rough. If you receive a damaged product, contact us before providing feedback. We value your patience and understanding.





4Pcs 8 inch, 4Pcs 12 inch


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