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Animal Country Farm Fairy Garden Accessories Miniature Ornament Statue Figurines Landscape Bonsai Pot Dollhouse Terrarium Decor


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Product Details

Brand Identifier: Not applicable

Constitution: Resin

Provenance: Mainland China

Customization: Not available

Motif: Enchantment

Design Influence: Rustic Charm

Dimensions: For specific measurements, please consult the provided size chart in the image gallery.


  • These enchanting miniatures are perfect for personalizing a fairy garden, adding whimsy to a dollhouse, or accentuating a shadowbox arrangement. They create a delightful realm all their own when placed within a diminutive garden or glass terrarium.
  • An excellent choice for a thoughtful gift, these tiny adornments invite adults to partake in the creative joy of crafting a fairy garden landscape to enjoy with loved ones.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pieces boast lifelike designs that bring a sense of authenticity to your miniature scape, ensuring your tiny garden is a reflection of the great outdoors.
  • Versatile in application, these miniatures are suited for an array of decorative purposes: from fairy garden and desk decor to educational models and thematic party embellishments.
  • Constructed from high-quality, synthetic resin, these miniatures are built to last without the deterioration common to organic materials. They are non-toxic and provide no harm to small plant life.
  • Ideal for adorning mossy patches, succulents, or bonsai displays, these miniature houses and landscape accessories will infuse any garden space with the magic of a fairy world.


  • One Fairy-Themed Miniature Ornament

Kindly Note:

  • Measurement discrepancies may occur due to the manual measurement process.
  • Differences in monitor displays may result in a slight variance in colour from the actual product.






2pcs Swan, 1pc Farmer, 1pc Horse, 1pc Pig, 1pc Goose, 1pc Calf, 1pc Goat, 2pcs Dog, 2pcs Bird Nest, 5pcs Duck, 3pcs Dog Set, 3pcs Cows Set, 3pcs Pig Set, 3pcs Duck Set, 3pcs Donkey Set, 3pcs Hedgehog Set, 3pcs Frog Set, 3pcs Cat Set, 3pcs Elephant Set, 3pcs Tortoise Set, 1pc Granary, 1 Set of Pig, 1 Set of Biddy, 2pcs Bear, 5pcs Owl, 4pcs Squirrel, 3pcs Deer, 10pcs Ladybird, 10pcs Bee


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