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100 LED Solar Lantern Outdoor Solar Wall Lights 2 Color 360° Angle Illumination Solar Motion Sensor Lawn Lights with USB Charging


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Product Details

Manufacturer: GOTOBE

Place of Manufacture: Mainland China

Approvals: CCC, CE

Durability Rating: IP65

Construction Composition: ABS

Energy Source: Solar-Powered

Intended Use: Festive Occasions

Illumination: LED Bulbs

Included Bulbs: Not Included

Design Aesthetic: Contemporary

Type of Solar Battery: Lithium

Principal Characteristics:

Energy Abundance: Versatile Recharging Options

High-efficiency solar panels with a 25% better conversion rate, alongside a 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery, contribute to our solar lights being more eco-friendly while also aiding in reducing your energy expenditure. USB charging capability guarantees functionality even without sunlight. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Innovative Indicator for Power Levels & IP65 Waterproofing

Distinct from other solar-powered lights, our outdoor lights feature an easy-access mode button. A red indicator alerts to low power, enhancing convenience. Engineered for exterior use with an IP65 waterproof rating, these lights perform impeccably even in adverse weather, illuminating your outdoor spaces effectively.

Precision PIR Motion Sensing Light

With an advanced light sensor and PIR motion sensor capable of detecting up to 33.2 feet away at a 120° angle, our solar wall light readily captures movement including that of small pets. The gradual lighting prevents startling, ensuring peace of mind during nocturnal hours outdoors.

Two Tone Options

Choose between two lighting colours based on your preference: 1) A warm hue for ambient decor. 2) A cool white for clearer visibility and enhanced security.

Dual Installation Choices

Install with ease using stakes for ground placement or screws for wall mounting, accommodating different lighting scenarios as either a wall lamp or a ground light.


100 White LED Style

Operational Modes: Toggle through three modes with the lamp’s main switch.

First Setting: Strong white illumination upon detection of movement at night, turning off approximately 20 seconds after the movement ceases.

Second Setting: Automatic activation of a soft white light at night, shifting to a bright illumination upon detecting motion and reverting after the person has departed.

Third Setting: Medium white light automatically activates at night, independent of motion detection.

Remote Controller Details: Choose from 5 modes

ON: Intense light when motion is detected at night, extinguishing roughly 20 seconds after departure. MODE 1: Dim light activates at night, becoming intensely bright with detected motion, then returning to dim shortly after. MODE 2: Constant white light without motion detection at night. MODE 3: Strobe flash. SOS: Emergency signal function.

Note: Set your preferred mode before installation using the main switch (not the remote control).

60 White+40 Warm LED Style

Every gear: Hold the lamp’s main switch for 3 seconds to switch between yellow and white light modes.

Operational Modes: Select from three settings via the lamp’s main switch.

First Setting: Emits a strong yellow light upon detecting motion at night, which extinguishes after about 20 seconds once the motion stops.

Second Setting: Soft yellow light automatically turns on at night, intensifying upon motion detection and dimming once motion is absent.

Third Setting: Constant moderate yellow brightness without motion detection.

Remote Control Details: 5 adjustable modes

W(7000K): White light setting. Y(3000K): Yellow light setting. MODE1: Intense illumination when motion is detected, turning off after about 20 seconds. MODE2: Low light automatically at night with bright light upon detecting motion, then returns to low light. MODE3: Constant white light at night without motion sensing.

Note: Prioritize your desired setting using the main switch before installation (by pressing the lamp’s switch, not the remote, to set the default working mode).



Emitting Color

100 White LED, 60 White-40 Warm LED


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