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Grey kitchens remain trendy, but the same cannot be said about the walls and flooring

Grey is such an offering colour that there are almost endless alternations of hues on its spectrum, each conceiving a different vibration and atmosphere in a room. When it comes to cooking spaces, whether it’s the summer kitchen or the dwelling’s interior culinary room, you can rest assured knowing you can’t go wrong with this alternative if you want to guarantee style, efficiency, practicality, and a cosy and inviting feel. There’s something so soothing about this colour, whether you’re into a contemporary, classic, and calm dove or fossil grey or energising ash and lava greys, that it wouldn’t be fair to ever call grey white bread. 

As you’ll see, you won’t have to spend money on a complete makeover of your kitchen if you want to stay on top of trends. Instead of buying a whole new kitchen and putting in all the enormous effort for a space that feels anew, you can go check the numerous types and styles of replacement kitchen doors you can swap by yourself at home in the shortest time possible and at the least cost. You’ll find all sorts of greys, with different touches and features. 

You don’t want a dull, monochrome, lifeless, and crammed-up kitchen space, which can quickly result in your kitchen if you overdo with grey and don’t pick the right hues for flooring, walls, and other primary elements. So, to enjoy all the advances brought by this nuance while keeping your culinary space in tip-top shape and energising, let’s see what are the main considerations to stay on top of your mind from A to Z across your kitchen revamp journey.

Why is grey in kitchen cabinetry leading?

The buzzworthy colour of kitchens these days is grey, for there are boundless styles and designs this choice can help build. Whether it’s cream with ash trim or dove grey with off-white accent hues, it’s difficult, if not impossible, not to find a match to your taste. 

Out of the thousands of colours on the market, home interior designers look at grey as a little of a wild, multi-faceted card. Black makes bold statements and brings sophistication, whereas whites evoke purity and cleanliness and create the sensation of a visually enlarged space. Grey, serving as their middle ground, should generally offer a bit of all of those, right? Well, it seems like this theory holds if you look at all the trending grey kitchen ideas of 2024

Rich grey all the way, as those with soft spots for cool kitchens agree 

Rich shades of grey represent the most favourable options when homeowners seek hues for the cooking space’s walls, given that white-like hues emphasise the grease, dirt, fingerprints, stains, smoke trails, food splatter, and any other unpreventable mishap that may naturally result from kitchen work. Such a shade strikes the ideal balance between the primary two augmentative colours. It contains purple and blue undertones, delivering an excellent shade to accentuate and augment the warm kitchen cabinetry nuances. Plus, they’re easily accommodatable in kitchen rooms with a particular emphasis put on décor, artistry, designer elements, fashion, and other additions intended to transform a traditional cooking space into a modernly snappy all-purpose area. 

The internet abounds with enchanting ideas on grey kitchens this year, meaning that even those with the most limited inspiration and creativity can pull off something unique and aesthetically breathtaking. 

Grey works with pretty much anything instead of other greys for walls and floorings

Why go bland and dull with all-grey schemes when home interior designers have found so many inspiring combinations to evoke any feel and vibe you want in your kitchen? Here are some of the trending options involving green, blush, burgundy, yellow, and similar lively and bold hues that create a match made in heaven with greys.

  • Grey and blush make an unbeatable combination for those looking for an exquisite, lovely, and feminine look. Add gold accents and quarts or marble worktops, and you’re in for an outstandingly graceful kitchen, or go bold with shades of burgundy if making your space look larger isn’t a priority coming before the room’s attractiveness. 
  • Timeless bright white walls accompanied by grey kitchen units build a bold, characterful look, having each hue elegantly contrast the other. Introduce some mid-century classics, porcelain décor pieces, vintage cutlery, and similar textured items along a few plants, and you’ll build the feng shui many are looking for in the heart of their homes.
  • Grey can be delicate or more like a low-key white if you opt for airy, light hues intended to make the space look larger and cleaner. You can opt for something cosier and more practical and finish it with some warm hues in the flooring and walls, so your kitchen will be both inviting and dirt-proof, helping you relax or cook carelessly. 
  • High contrast layouts with floorings and walls of a shade and grey kitchen units are trending this year. They are predicted to stand the test of time, as design experts all agree some endless twists and modifications can change the face of a kitchen without actually necessitating hefty investments. Once your walls and flooring are contrasting enough to differentiate the three plans, namely the walls, assemblage, and flooring, you can rest assured knowing your kitchen brings the comfort of mind everyone seeks in their culinary room. 
  • Forest, seaweed, teal, or emerald green – there’s something inescapable about this lively hue, evoking cosiness and naturality that has homeowners looking for a spirited and energising kitchen hooked. You can build a high contrast through a grey and green combination, matching the hues of the cabinetry with a lighter shade in flooring and accompanying this modern assemblage with some vibrant, lively green walls. 
  • Sunny, vibrant yellows paired with some grey kitchen units can completely change the air in an outdated kitchen, building a modern and playful colour scheme that’s trending but remaining timeless. For a cheerful touch, consider opting for lighter shades of beiges, off-whites, creams, or darker hazelnut hues for the flooring. 

Bye, insipid and uninspiring grey floors and walls, and welcome vibrant, lively hues that bring a bespoke touch. There are literally thousands of combinations that work with such a versatile nuance like grey that you can’t go wrong if you’re keeping colour cohesion and neatness in mind.

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