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Best Vinyl Record Cleaner UK: Top Picks for Pristine Grooves

Vinyl records, cherished by collectors and new music fans alike, demand meticulous care to preserve their sound and value. As an expert with years of experience in vinyl maintenance, I understand the challenges of keeping these records pristine. This article introduces the best vinyl record cleaners in the UK, tested and proven effective, to ensure your collection remains in top condition.

Our Picks

We have compiled a list of the best vinyl record cleaners available in the UK to help you keep your collection in top-notch condition. Check out our selections below to find the perfect cleaning solution for your vinyl records.

Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl Velvet Brush Record Cleaner

A must-have for vinyl enthusiasts who want to keep their records in pristine condition.


  • Gentle and effective cleaning
  • Removes dust and static from vinyl records
  • Comes with a stylus pick-up brush


  • Can create additional static charge
  • Lightweight, may be easy to drop
  • Less effective at removing all dust particles

We recently tried out the Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl Velvet Brush Record Cleaner and found it to be quite reliable for maintaining our beloved vinyl collections. The anti-static pad is gentle on vinyl records and removes most of the dust and debris.

Another useful feature we discovered is the stylus pick-up brush integrated into the lid. It helps ensure that the stylus stays dust-free and maintains high sound quality for our record players. But it’s important to mention that the lightweight design of this cleaner might make it prone to slipping and dropping.

However, some users reported that the cleaner could create more static than it removes, leading to dust particles sticking to the vinyl discs. While it generally does a good job of cleaning most records, it may not remove all stubborn dust particles entirely, so supplementary cleaning methods might be necessary for perfect results.

Overall, the Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl Velvet Brush Record Cleaner lives up to its promise of gently cleaning and restoring the crystal-clear sound of your cherished vinyl records. While it may have some minor drawbacks, it remains an excellent product and a worthy investment for any record collector or music enthusiast.

Kulloomii 4 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

Efficient, easy-to-use cleaning system for vinyl lovers seeking to preserve their collection and enhance sound quality.


  • Complete vinyl record maintenance kit
  • Flat velvet brush for safe cleaning
  • Specially designed cleaning gel for turntable needle


  • Stylus cleaning gel may yield mixed results
  • Static issue not entirely resolved for some users
  • Tight fit of items in the storage box

Having recently used this Kulloomii 4 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit, we found it to be an incredibly efficient and easy-to-use cleaning system for those passionate about their vinyl collection. With its ultra-soft, flat velvet brush and generously sized cleaning liquid, it tackles dirt and dust on your records to keep them in top shape.

One aspect we particularly appreciated was the inclusion of a cleaning gel designed specifically for the turntable needle. When we applied it, we noticed that without having to touch the delicate needle, it effectively removed dust and particles, resulting in an richer and more enjoyable sound experience.

As an attractive, classic black case houses the kit, we believe it would make an excellent gift for fellow vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles. Being able to easily maintain our records, improve sound quality, and prolong the life of our turntable makes this kit a worthy investment.

However, we did notice that the stylus cleaning gel might not work equally well for everyone, as its effectiveness can vary. Additionally, a few users reported that their vinyls still carried some static even after using the cleaning system. Lastly, despite appreciating the compact design of the storage box, we observed that it can be a tight fit for all the components.

Overall, we highly recommend the Kulloomii 4 in 1 Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit for vinyl collectors looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly maintenance solution.

SPINCARE Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush

This vinyl record cleaner is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their listening experience and prolong the life of their records and stylus.


  • Effectively removes dust, dirt, and debris
  • Anti-static properties reduce pops and clicks
  • Includes a cleaning brush for the velvet pad


  • May leave small debris that gets picked up by the stylus
  • Mechanism feels somewhat flimsy
  • New version may not be as effective as older versions

We recently tried the SPINCARE Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush, an affordable yet effective solution for cleaning vinyl records. The super soft velvet brush gently lifts and removes surface dust and debris from the grooves, while its natural anti-static properties help eliminate those annoying snaps, clicks, and pops often heard during playback.

Using this record cleaner before each play not only improves the overall sound quality but also reduces wear and tear on both records and the stylus. As a result, it significantly extends the lifespan of our vinyl collection and keeps our records sounding crisp and clean.

While the SPINCARE brush does an excellent job of removing dust, it is worth noting that some small debris may still be left behind, which can be picked up by the stylus. However, the included stylus brush helps mitigate this minor issue. Additionally, the mechanism feels a bit flimsy and may not be as durable as some other models on the market. It is also worth mentioning that some users have found the updated version to be less effective than previous iterations.

In conclusion, the SPINCARE Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush is a worthwhile investment for any vinyl enthusiast looking to enhance their listening experience and protect their collection. Despite its minor shortcomings, the cleaner provides excellent value at an entry-level price.

Yotako Vinyl Cleaning Kit 4-in-1

We recommend the Yotako Vinyl Cleaning Kit 4-in-1 for its effectiveness in cleaning and maintaining your vinyl records and turntable stylus.


  • Comprehensive 4-in-1 cleaning kit
  • Soft velvet brush for gentle cleaning
  • Easy to use and portable


  • May be considered overpriced by some
  • Limited to three cleaning items
  • Wet or dry cleaning doesn’t work for all records

The Yotako Vinyl Cleaning Kit 4-in-1 offers a complete set to keep your vinyl records in pristine condition. The soft velvet brush effectively removes dust and debris without scratching the record’s surface, and the Stylus needle cleaning brushes help to remove any particles from your record player’s needle. This improves the sound quality and prolongs the life of your vinyl records.

The handy storage compartment makes it easy to carry and use the cleaning kit whenever needed, making it perfect for avid collectors or music enthusiasts. The Anti-static Record Cleaning Cloth further helps to remove dust and fluff without causing damage to the records’ delicate surfaces. This kit is suitable for cleaning vinyl records, VCDs, and DVDs, providing an all-rounded cleaning solution.

However, some users may find the price a bit high considering the number of items included in the kit. Additionally, the wet or dry cleaning method may not be suitable for all records. Overall, the Yotako Vinyl Cleaning Kit 4-in-1 is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their vinyl collection in top shape and enjoys better sound quality from their records.

Retro Musique Vinyl Record Cleaning System

The Retro Musique Vinyl Record Cleaning System is a great investment for those looking to clean and restore their records with ease.


  • Efficient cleaning of both sides simultaneously
  • Adjustable for 12″, 10″, and 7″ records
  • Quick and easy setup


  • No drying stand included
  • May be stiff to turn
  • Plastic build might feel inexpensive

We recently tried out the Retro Musique Vinyl Record Cleaning System and found it quite impressive for its price. The cleaning process was hassle-free as the system cleans both sides of the record simultaneously with its microfibre cleaning pads. Additionally, adjusting the rollers for different record sizes (12″, 10″, and 7″) was a breeze.

Setting up the cleaning system was quick and easy. We simply arranged the rollers, installed the microfibre brushes, applied the provided cleaning solution to the brushes, and placed our record on the machine. A few rotations in both directions and a quick wipe with the lint-free cloth, and we were done! The cleaning solution managed to clean up to ten albums in less than twenty minutes, which is a decent number considering the price.

However, there were a few drawbacks we noticed. The absence of a drying stand was a letdown, as it would have made the process even more convenient. Also, the plastic build of the system leaves something to be desired in terms of quality. Some users might find it stiff to turn, which could make the cleaning process slower.

Nevertheless, considering its affordability, the Retro Musique Vinyl Record Cleaning System delivers on its promises, making it a suitable choice for those looking to clean their vinyl records without denting their wallets. Just be prepared to create your drying setup or invest in a separate stand for maximum efficiency.

SPINCARE Vinyl Record Cleaner Solution

This SPINCARE cleaning kit is a reliable and cost-effective choice for maintaining your vinyl record collection in top condition.


  • Effectively removes dust, dirt and debris
  • Naturally anti-static and residue-free
  • Quick-drying formula


  • Not suitable for Shellac/78 records
  • Care required for label protection
  • Cloth may require regular washing

The SPINCARE record cleaning solution kit is an affordable option for those seeking to keep their vinyl records in pristine condition. We’ve tried this kit and found it to be effective in lifting and removing dust, dirt, and debris from the grooves of our favourite records. The cleaning solution is also anti-static and residue-free, preventing any unwanted build-up and ensuring quick drying times.

The cleaning process is quite simple. We sprayed the solution 1-2 times onto our vinyl surfaces, avoiding the labels, and gently rubbed the record in a circular motion using the provided microfibre cloth. This gentle approach helped to brush away dirt without forcing it further into the grooves.

One thing to keep in mind is that the SPINCARE kit is not suitable for cleaning Shellac/78 records. Additionally, you’ll need to exercise caution around the labels to prevent damage. Over time, the microfibre cloth will need to be washed and air-dried to maintain cleanliness and effectiveness.

Overall, the SPINCARE Vinyl Record Cleaner Solution is a great investment for maintaining your vinyl collection’s quality sound and preserving your records. Its simple application process and quick-drying formula make it a user-friendly option for both beginners and seasoned vinyl enthusiasts.

BIG FUDGE Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

An excellent vinyl record cleaning kit for both new and avid collectors, offering a professional cleaning solution with a portable design.


  • All-in-one cleaning solution
  • Includes stylus gel for easy needle cleaning
  • Travel-friendly padded zip-case


  • No instructions for stylus gel
  • Requires assembly
  • Originates from China

We recently tried the BIG FUDGE Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit and found it to be a fantastic all-in-one solution for maintaining our beloved vinyl collection. As avid collectors, we appreciate the care and quality that goes into preserving our records, and this kit does not disappoint.

One notable feature is the soft, no-scratch velvet vinyl cleaner brush, which, when used with the cleaning fluid, effectively removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints without causing any harm to the record surface. The process was straightforward and made record care much more manageable.

Another aspect we enjoyed was the inclusion of the stylus cleaning gel. This innovative gel effortlessly lifted dust off our turntable needle, enhancing performance and prolonging both the needle and vinyl’s lifespan. However, we have to mention that there were no instructions on how to use the gel, so we had to resort to googling it.

Lastly, the premium-quality padded zip-case provided is a major plus for us. With its compact design, we can easily bring our cleaning essentials with us wherever we go – whether it’s at home or at a DJ gig.

In conclusion, the BIG FUDGE Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit is a must-have for any vinyl collector or enthusiast. Despite minor setbacks like the lack of stylus gel instructions and required assembly, the overall quality and convenience of this product make it well worth the investment.

Record Remedy Vinyl LP and Stylus Cleaner

Record Remedy cleaner is perfect for restoring the sound quality of your vinyl records and ensuring a clean stylus.


  • Effectively cleans and restores vinyl records
  • Removes pops, hiss and clicks
  • Easy and quick to use


  • May leave residue on some records
  • Lemon scent could be too strong for some
  • Not the best option for heavy mould issues

We recently used the Record Remedy Vinyl LP & Stylus Cleaning Fluid to clean a few of our dusty vinyl records, and we were quite impressed with the results. The cleaning process was relatively quick and easy, requiring just a few sprays onto a microfibre cloth before wiping the records.

The anti-static formula of this LP cleaner does a great job at lifting dirt and dust from deep within the grooves. After using it, we noticed a considerable reduction in pops, hiss and clicks during playback, providing a much clearer and cleaner sound. The cleaner is also suitable for use on the stylus, ensuring an overall improved audio experience.

On the downside, we found that the cleaner occasionally left behind a residue on some of our records, which was disappointing. Furthermore, the lemon scent might not be to everyone’s liking, as it can be quite strong. Lastly, while the cleaning fluid works well for general dirt and dust, it may not be the most effective solution for heavily mould-affected records.

Overall, the Record Remedy Vinyl LP and Stylus Cleaner is a handy product for maintaining and restoring the sound quality of your vinyl collection. However, keep in mind the potential residue issue and consider the scent before purchasing.

SPINCARE Velvet & Carbon Fibre Vinyl Cleaning Brush

Enhance your vinyl listening experience with this effective record cleaning brush, perfect for maintaining sound clarity and minimizing dust.


  • High density carbon fibre brushes to remove dust & debris
  • Combines velvet and carbon fibre for safe cleaning
  • Electrically conductive to eliminate static charges


  • Velvet pad may be too rough for some records
  • Brush may shed some fibres
  • Possible surface scratching from improper use

The SPINCARE Velvet & Carbon Fibre Vinyl Cleaning Brush is a fantastic addition to any record collector’s toolkit. We found this record cleaner to be highly effective in removing dust and debris from vinyl records, resulting in a cleaner and clearer sound from our favourite recordings.

The design of this brush is impressive, featuring a combination of a velvet pad and ultra-thin carbon fibre bristles. These work together seamlessly to dislodge dust from the grooves of the vinyl while the antistatic properties of the brush ensure no static charges are left, which could attract more dust.

We particularly appreciated how quick and easy it is to use. Simply spin your record on your turntable and brush along the grooves, never across, to gently lift away loose debris. It is important to handle the brush with care to avoid potential surface scratches.

In our experience, the performance of this brush is exceptional. However, it is worth noting that some users have reported issues with the velvet pad being too rough for certain records and causing surface markings. Additionally, the brush may shed some fibres. When using the brush, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and monitor any effect it has on your vinyl to ensure no damage is caused.

In conclusion, the SPINCARE Velvet & Carbon Fibre Vinyl Cleaning Brush is a worthwhile investment for vinyl enthusiasts looking to keep their collection in pristine condition. Its effective cleaning capabilities and ease of use make it a must-have accessory.

Trade Chemicals Vinyl Clean – Record Cleaner

In our experience, the Trade Chemicals Vinyl Clean is a reliable option for keeping your records in top condition.


  • Effective deep cleaning through grooves
  • Eliminates static from records
  • Versatile for machine and manual cleaning


  • Not suitable for 78rpm Shellac or flexi discs
  • Requires careful handling near labels
  • Repeated use not recommended

We put the Trade Chemicals Vinyl Clean – Record Cleaner to the test and were pleased with how effectively it cleaned our vinyl records. The premium ingredients and perfect mix provided a thorough cleaning right through the grooves, leaving no drying marks behind and eliminating static.

While using this cleaning solution, we found it suitable for both machine and manual cleaning methods. It works best with a machine that utilises cleaning fluid, but can also be used with cotton wool pads or lint-free cloths, partially dampened and cleaning in a clockwise motion. We appreciated the versatility, making it easy for us to clean our records in various ways.

However, we noticed that one should be cautious around record labels and make sure not to wet them. Additionally, the fluid is not suitable for 78rpm Shellac or flexi discs. Lastly, it’s worth noting that once you have cleaned your records with this fluid, it’s advised to just use a handheld record dust brush before each play, as repeated use of the cleaning solution is neither necessary nor recommended.

In conclusion, the Trade Chemicals Vinyl Clean – Record Cleaner is a worthwhile investment for maintaining your vinyl records collection. Its effectiveness, versatility, and ability to eliminate static are notable advantages, while it requires a bit of care when cleaning near labels.

Buying Guide

an old man cleaning a vinyl record

When looking for the best vinyl record cleaner in the UK, there are several factors to consider. We will guide you through these factors to help you make an informed choice.

Type of Cleaner

There are various types of record cleaners available, such as manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic cleaners. Consider your budget, personal preference, and cleaning needs to determine which type would suit you best.

Build Quality

The build quality of the cleaner is an essential aspect. A durable and well-built cleaner will ensure longevity and reliable performance. Look for materials like aluminium or stainless steel, which are sturdy and long-lasting.

Cleaning Method

Different cleaners use various cleaning methods, such as vacuum, ultrasonic, or wet cleaning. It’s important to understand how each method works and select the one that aligns with your requirements and preferences.


Depending on your collection size, consider the capacity of the cleaner. Some cleaners can handle multiple records simultaneously, which can save time and increase efficiency.


Ensure that the cleaner you choose is compatible with the types of vinyl records in your collection. Some cleaners might not work for specific vinyl record sizes or types.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly record cleaner is crucial for a hassle-free experience. Look for features like clear instructions, intuitive controls, and easy overall operation.


Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your cleaner in top shape. Consider the on-going costs and effort involved in maintaining your cleaner – replacement parts, cleaning solutions, and so on.

In conclusion, carefully evaluate all key factors mentioned above to select the best vinyl record cleaner for your needs. A high-quality cleaner will help preserve your records and prolong their lifespan.

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