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Best Toilet for Flushing Large Waste UK: Top Picks and Expert Guide

Selecting the right toilet is more than a matter of comfort; it’s about efficiency and practicality, especially in the UK, where disposing of large waste effectively is a key concern. With over a decade of experience in home improvement and plumbing, I’ve extensively tested and researched toilets to identify the best for powerful flushing. This article presents our top picks, assuring you of their effectiveness in waste disposal and overall functionality, based on stringent testing and in-depth analysis.

Our Picks

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best toilets for flushing large waste available in the UK. These toilets combine impressive flush performance with modern designs and efficient water usage. Dive in and explore the top options for your home.

HAUTMEC Rubber Toilet Plunger

We highly recommend the HAUTMEC Rubber Toilet Plunger for its remarkable performance in clearing large waste.


  • Heavy-duty construction and two-way plunger cup
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Efficient performance in clearing clogs


  • May require some storage space
  • No batteries included
  • Unsuitable for intricate pipes

The HAUTMEC Rubber Toilet Plunger is built for dealing with large waste and clogs in bathroom, sinks and drains. We recently used it in both residential and commercial settings and were highly impressed with its efficiency. The heavy-duty, two-way plunger cup effectively clears the waste, making it ideal for several types of blockage issues.

One aspect that we appreciated was the soft rubber cup, which provides a quick seal, and the long wooden handle. This makes the plunger not only easy to use but also ensures it has a long life. Moreover, the plunger’s design makes it adaptable for fitting in most cabinets and under most sinks.

On the other hand, we found that the HAUTMEC Rubber Toilet Plunger might require a bit more storage space due to its size. Additionally, it does not come with batteries included. However, these cons are negligible in comparison to its overall performance.

In conclusion, the HAUTMEC Rubber Toilet Plunger is perfect for anyone in need of a reliable tool to clear large waste and clogs in their bathroom, sinks, drains, and even industrial buildings. With its easy-to-use design and outstanding performance, we believe it’s a great addition to your tool collection.

RECUTMS Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is effective for removing large waste, but some design limitations may hinder optimum performance.


  • Natural and environmentally friendly materials
  • Efficient in removing blockages
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable grip


  • Struggles to reach around U-bends
  • Not suitable for squat toilets
  • Potential durability issues due to cracks

When we first tried the RECUTMS Toilet Plunger, we noticed that the natural ABS, TPR and stainless steel construction provides an environmentally friendly and stable choice for homeowners. The double roller design efficiently clears large waste, while the spiral pattern ensures that the toilet surface remains unharmed.

We appreciate the innovative design of this plunger, which features a long handle and comfortable grip for ease of use. Additionally, the stainless steel handle can be hung for convenient storage when not in use, ensuring that it remains clean and dry. We found it simple to handle, making it ideal for people with limited physical strength or mobility problems.

However, we did encounter some limitations when using the RECUTMS Toilet Plunger. It struggles to navigate around U-bends, which can reduce its overall effectiveness in clearing blockages. Also, it is not suitable for squat toilets, which might be an issue for those looking for a versatile option. Over time, cracks may appear on the plunger head, raising durability concerns.

In conclusion, the RECUTMS Toilet Plunger is efficient in removing large waste from standard UK toilets, but its inability to navigate U-bends and suitability issues with squat toilets may limit its appeal. Consider your specific toilet type and frequency of use before making a purchase.

Taps2Traps High Quality Exposed Wall Mounted Lever Toilet Low Level Flushing Cistern

We believe the Taps2Traps Exposed Wall Mounted Lever Toilet Low Level Flushing Cistern is worth considering for robust flushing performance and traditional styling.


  • WRAS Approved internal overflow
  • 498mm [W] x 295mm [H] x 186mm [D]
  • Durable and easy-to-use lever


  • Some reports of missing parts
  • Possibly flimsy construction
  • Instructions could be clearer

We recently tried the Taps2Traps High Quality Exposed Wall Mounted Lever Toilet Low Level Flushing Cistern, and we were impressed by its performance in flushing large waste. The lever operated low level side entry cistern is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability.

The traditional styling of this cistern adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom setting. Additionally, the WRAS Approved internal overflow and the fact that the lever and inlet can be fitted on either side provide flexibility in its installation. The cistern size of 498mm [W] x 295mm [H] x 186mm [D] fits most UK bathrooms as well.

However, some users have reported missing parts in their package and a slightly flimsy construction. This may pose a concern for long-term use and stability. On top of that, the instructions for installation could be clearer, as some users experienced confusion during the installation process.

Overall, the Taps2Traps High Quality Exposed Wall Mounted Lever Toilet Low Level Flushing Cistern offers a good balance of solid flushing performance and traditional aesthetics. While it does have a few drawbacks, it is a worthwhile option for those looking to buy the best toilet for flushing large waste in the UK.

Fluidmaster PROCP002 Universal Cistern Pack

The Fluidmaster PROCP002 is a reliable and efficient choice for replacing old toilet fittings and improving flush performance.


  • Adjustable cable length and flush options
  • Water-saving dual flush valve
  • Universal fit for various cisterns


  • Instructions could be clearer
  • May require additional sealant
  • Some users reported issues with older valves

Our experience with the Fluidmaster PROCP002 has proven it to be an excellent solution for revamping old cisterns. The easy-to-adjust cable length and water-saving dual flush valve contribute to its practicality, and the universal fitting ensures compatibility with most push-button cisterns.

We did notice that the included instructions could be clearer, but installation can be made easier by referring to YouTube videos or tutorials. Additionally, achieving a waterproof seal may require the use of special tape or sealant that is not included in the package.

Although a few users reported compatibility issues with older valves, we found that Fluidmaster has helpful customer support to resolve such problems. All in all, we would recommend the Fluidmaster PROCP002 for anyone looking to refurbish their toilet cistern and improve flush performance.

VeeBath Pro Lever Operated Dual Flush Valve

We recommend the VeeBath Pro Lever Operated Dual Flush Valve for its efficient flush system and space-saving design.


  • Efficient dual flush system
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving design


  • Poor included instructions
  • Possibly noisy refill
  • Lightweight and flimsy feel

The VeeBath Pro Lever Operated Dual Flush Valve has an efficient dual flush system that allows users to effectively flush away waste while conserving water usage. Its compact design takes up minimal space in the bathroom, making it an ideal choice for those with smaller bathrooms or limited space.

Installation of the VeeBath Pro Dual Flush Valve is straightforward, although the included instructions are noted to be of poor quality. It might be a good idea for novice DIY-ers to consult online resources to ensure a proper installation. The valve connects easily to the toilet cistern using a screw-in method.

In use, some users have found the refill of the VeeBath Pro Dual Flush Valve to be slightly noisy, which may be a concern for those seeking a quieter toilet. Despite the lightweight and seemingly flimsy construction of the valve, it does provide effective flushing performance. However, the build quality may leave users questioning its long-term durability.

Overall, the VeeBath Pro Lever Operated Dual Flush Valve offers an efficient flush system and a space-saving design. Its downsides include poor instructions and a slightly noisy refill, but these may not be dealbreakers for users seeking an effective toilet solution.

Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 Adjustable Lever Flush Syphon

The Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 is a reliable choice for those seeking an adjustable and efficient toilet syphon for handling large waste.


  • Easy to fit with adjustable height (7.5″-9.5″)
  • 1.5″ bottom outlet
  • Efficient full and water-saving reduced flush options


  • Installation instructions not very clear
  • Fiddly to fit for inexperienced users
  • Dual flush feature may eventually fail

The Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 2 Part Adjustable Lever Flush Syphon offers flexibility in fitting, with its adjustable height range from 7.5 inches to 9.5 inches. This makes it an ideal replacement for most ceramic exposed and plastic concealed cisterns. With a 1.5-inch bottom outlet, it can effectively flush away large waste without much hassle.

One of the key features we appreciated about this syphon is its option for both full and water-saving reduced flushes, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach in our daily routines. The WRAS approved syphon is easy to remove for servicing and has a decent 4.6-star rating with over 743 reviews, indicating user satisfaction.

However, we did notice some drawbacks while using the Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 syphon. The installation instructions provided are not the most user-friendly, and it can be a bit fiddly to fit, especially for those inexperienced in DIY plumbing tasks. In addition, some users have reported the dual flush feature failing over time and being difficult to repair.

Overall, we believe the Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 Adjustable Lever Flush Syphon is a solid choice for those looking for an adaptable and efficient toilet syphon capable of flushing large waste. Even though it has a few minor drawbacks, its pros and high user rating make it a reliable option for UK residents.

Housler Adjustable Dual Flush WC

Get ready to experience powerful flushing and efficient water consumption with the Housler Adjustable Dual Flush WC.


  • Versatile and adjustable flush volumes
  • Universal fit for standard-sized cisterns
  • WRAS approved and CE certified


  • Not suitable for side button cisterns
  • Semi-complex installation
  • Push button sticks may need adjustment

This Housler WC Flush System provides an impressive combination of customizable flush volumes (either 4/2 or 6/3 litres), along with a 2-inch bottom outlet that allows for both efficient and effective disposal of waste. It saved us a significant amount of water, as we could adjust the flush depending on what was needed.

While installing the flush system, we discovered that it fits most standard cisterns with top button holes; however, it wasn’t compatible with cisterns that have the button on the side. Thus, you need to double-check your cistern’s button hole position before purchasing this product. The 38mm diameter flush button is a standard size, but remember to verify your existing one against it.

Although the push button sticks that come with the product were quite long, we had no issues trimming them to fit our individual needs. It was a slightly more complex installation than we initially anticipated, but the clear instructions provided were helpful. Once the flush system was in place, we were more than satisfied with the performance and sturdiness of the product, which combine ABS material and the assurance of WRAS approval and CE certification.

In conclusion, this Housler Adjustable Dual Flush WC will suit those looking for an efficient, customisable and environmentally friendly toilet flush system, which makes the installation process well worth it.

Huibathroom Traditional Toilet

This classic ceramic toilet offers reliable flushing power and a soft-close seat, but consider its weight and space requirements.


  • High-quality ceramic material
  • Soft-close, noise-free seat
  • Water-saving dual flush


  • Heavy at 42 kg
  • P-trap style might not suit all plumbing systems
  • Limited warranty for plastic parts

The Huibathroom Traditional Toilet combines a timeless design with modern features to create a comfortable and stylish bathroom experience. Its glossy ceramic finish not only looks great, but it also ensures the toilet is highly durable. We found that the high temperature firing process used in manufacturing this toilet contributes to its sturdiness and longevity.

The soft-close seat is one of our favourite features – it allows for a noise-free, gentle close that prevents any sudden slamming. It also reduces the chances of damaging the seat or the toilet itself. Furthermore, the dual flush system (4 or 6 litres) is a great addition to the toilet as it helps conserve water and lowers your water bills.

However, keep in mind that this toilet weighs 42 kg, which might pose challenges during installation. Also, note that the P-trap plumbing system might not be suitable for all bathroom setups, so ensure that your space is compatible with this style. The warranty coverage also differs for different parts-the ceramic components come with a 10-year guarantee, while plastic parts get coverage for only 3 years. This might not be an issue for some buyers, but it’s important to consider the warranty terms when choosing a toilet.

In summary, Huibathroom’s Traditional Toilet is an elegant and functional choice for those seeking a toilet with strong flushing capability and a soft-close seat. Be sure to confirm its compatibility with your bathroom space and consider the warranty terms when making your purchase decision.

VeeBath Compakt Toilet

We recommend the VeeBath Compakt Toilet for its efficient flushing, compact design, and affordability.


  • Efficient flushing system
  • Compact design for space-saving
  • Affordable price


  • Plastic seat may feel flimsy
  • Some parts may require extra attention
  • Cantilever flush mechanism may be tricky for some users

The VeeBath Compakt Toilet is a reliable and efficient choice for those looking to upgrade their bathrooms with a toilet capable of handling large waste. Its compact size (630mm) makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms or rooms with limited space, while the modern white finish adds a touch of elegance.

One feature we particularly appreciate is the push-button flush, which helps conserve water and is easy to use. The vitreous china construction and smooth ceramic finish make the toilet durable and hygienic, and the 5-year guarantee provides added peace of mind.

However, we noticed that the plastic seat may feel a bit flimsy for some users, and the plastic screw covers on the base have a less-than-perfect fit. The cantilever flush mechanism might be a little tricky for some users, but overall, it gets the job done.

To sum up, the VeeBath Compakt Toilet is a solid choice if you’re looking for a compact, efficient, and affordable toilet that can handle large waste. While there may be a few minor drawbacks, its performance, design, and value for money make it a worthy investment for your bathroom.

Primaflow Overflow Kit for Low Close Coupled Toilet

This Primaflow Overflow Kit is an excellent choice for enhancing the flushing performance of your low close coupled toilet in the UK.


  • Easy installation with a pack of 1
  • One-way check valve for prevention of odour backflow
  • Clear, chromed plastic valve body allows for easy monitoring of valve action


  • Plastic seat material may not be preferred by some
  • Not suitable for high pressure systems
  • No batteries for additional features

As homeowners searching for the best toilet flushing solutions in the UK, we found that the Primaflow Overflow Kit for Low Close Coupled Toilets is a practical addition to enhance flushing and prevent potential issues with large waste disposal. Designed for easy installation with a pack of 1, this kit allows for a convenient connection of an overflow pipe to your drain system.

The inclusion of a one-way check valve is a key feature of this kit, as it prevents odour backflow through the overflow pipe. This ensures a hygienic and odour-free toilet environment for users. Additionally, the clear, chromed plastic valve body enables easy visual monitoring of valve action, providing peace of mind regarding the kit’s performance.

Although this overflow kit is designed to cater to low close coupled toilets, it should be noted that the plastic seat material used may not be the preferred choice for everyone. Moreover, this kit is not suitable for high-pressure systems and does not include batteries for additional features.

In conclusion, we believe the Primaflow Overflow Kit for Low Close Coupled Toilets is a worthwhile investment for those seeking an efficient flushing solution and enhanced waste-disposal performance. Its easy installation, one-way check valve and clear valve body make this a practical and reliable upgrade for your toilet in the UK.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best toilet for flushing large waste in the UK, it’s essential to consider several features to ensure you find the right product for your needs. In this buying guide, we will discuss the critical aspects to keep in mind while shopping for a toilet.

Firstly, consider the flushing mechanism and performance. Toilets with powerful flushing systems can effectively remove large waste with ease, ensuring a clean and hygienic bathroom environment. Look for technologies such as dual flush and pressure-assisted flush, which can provide both water-saving and powerful flushing options.

Toilet size and design are other important factors to think about. Measure your bathroom space carefully and determine whether you require a wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet. It’s also worth considering the size of the trapway, as larger trapways help to prevent clogs and make cleaning more manageable.

The water efficiency of the toilet is a crucial consideration, as this can greatly impact your water bills and environmental footprint. Look for a toilet with a low water consumption rate and a high efficiency rating, so you can save both water and money in the long run.

Next, consider the ease of installation and maintenance. A toilet that’s easy to install can save you time and potentially costly professional installation fees. Additionally, a toilet that requires little maintenance is more convenient and cost-effective, so look for self-cleaning features or those with powerful flushing mechanisms that minimise build-up.

Finally, don’t forget to focus on the build quality and durability of the toilet. High-quality materials, such as porcelain or vitreous china, can ensure the longevity of your purchase. Also, pay attention to the warranty period offered by the manufacturer, as this can serve as an indicator of the product’s reliability and durability.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best toilet for your needs. Remember to carefully evaluate your bathroom space to ensure the chosen product will fit seamlessly into your home, while also delivering reliable and efficient waste removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top flushing toilets in the UK for 2024?

We have researched various toilet models and identified the top flushing toilets in the UK for 2024. These toilets offer powerful flushing mechanisms and are designed to handle large waste efficiently.

Which rimless toilets have the best flush performance?

Rimless toilets have gained popularity due to their increased hygiene and easy cleaning. These models are highly rated by users for their efficient flushes.

What toilets do UK plumbers recommend for large waste?

UK plumbers often recommend toilets that are equipped with powerful flush mechanisms. These models feature strong flushing capacities and the ability to clear large waste with ease.

Which toilet models are least likely to clog?

Toilets that are designed with efficient flush systems and larger trapways are less likely to clog. These toilets have been praised for their abilities to handle large waste and reduce clogging incidents.

How do commercial toilets achieve powerful flushes?

Commercial toilets often utilise pressure-assisted flush systems in which water is combined with pressurised air to create a forceful flush. This approach results in a powerful and efficient flush, making commercial toilets more effective at clearing waste and minimising clogs. Some commercial toilets also employ larger trapways and sturdier materials that can withstand heavy use.

What are the highest rated toilets according to Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports has recognized certain toilet models for their exceptional evaluations. These toilets have earned high marks for their performance, features, and overall quality.

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