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Best Small Freezer UK: Top 10 Compact Picks for 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right small freezer for your UK home is more important than ever. As a seasoned expert with years of experience in home appliances, I understand the challenges of balancing space, efficiency, and budget. Through extensive testing and research, I’ve distilled my knowledge to help you navigate the array of small freezers, ensuring you find one that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs. Let’s dive into the best small freezers that combine practicality with performance, making your food storage both convenient and efficient.

Our Picks

We have compiled a list of the best small freezers available in the UK, perfect for those with limited space or wanting to keep their favourite frozen treats at hand. Dive into our top picks below.

Cookology CCFZ99WH Freestanding 99 Litre Chest Freezer

The Cookology CCFZ99WH chest freezer is an excellent choice for those seeking additional frozen storage space with practical features.


  • Suitable for various locations, including outbuildings, garages, and sheds
  • Includes Refrigeration Mode for versatile usage
  • Quiet and energy-efficient operation


  • Some users reported minor cosmetic dent issues upon delivery
  • May require a firmer base for better protection during delivery
  • Limited temperature control range

We recently had the chance to use the Cookology CCFZ99WH Freestanding Chest Freezer, and we were genuinely impressed by its performance. The 99-litre capacity provides ample storage space for keeping frozen goods accessible, and its freestanding design allows for easy placement in outbuildings, garages, and sheds.

One particularly noteworthy feature that we appreciated was the inclusion of a Refrigeration Mode. This option allows users to switch between freezing and refrigerating functions, making the Cookology CCFZ99WH perfect for keeping drinks and snacks cool during large events or parties.

In terms of operation, our experience with the Cookology CCFZ99WH was pleasantly quiet, with the advanced compressor keeping noise levels down to just 41 decibels. We also appreciated the energy efficiency of this chest freezer, as it has a 4-star freezer rating and an F energy efficiency rating.

However, a few drawbacks that we encountered were minor cosmetic dents upon delivery, possibly due to inadequate packaging. We recommend reinforcing the base of the packaging for improved protection. Additionally, while the adjustable thermostat allows for temperature control between -12℃ to -24℃, this range may not be suitable for everyone’s needs.

Overall, if you’re in need of a versatile, practical, and efficient chest freezer, we recommend the Cookology CCFZ99WH Freestanding 99 Litre for its valuable features and functionality.

Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer 31 Litre

The Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer is a fantastic addition to small kitchens, offering additional compact freezing space.


  • Space-saving design with 31L capacity
  • Energy-efficient with F energy rating
  • 2-year guarantee upon registration


  • Outer casing can get warm
  • No temperature warning light
  • Some users report noise issues

We recently tried the Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer and found it to be a practical solution for those short on space but in need of additional freezer storage. With a compact 31-litre capacity, it can comfortably sit on your countertop or be tucked away in a corner of your living area.

The energy efficiency of this mini freezer is impressive, with an F energy rating, helping to keep your energy bills and carbon footprint low. The addition of a reversible door and adjustable feet for leveling makes it adaptable to your specific space requirements.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this product. Firstly, the outer casing can become warm to the touch while the freezer is running. This can be a concern for some users, although it does not seem to affect the freezer’s operation. Additionally, there’s no temperature warning light, which could be helpful to alert users if the temperature rises too high.

Some users mentioned noise concerns, experiencing a ‘pinging’ sound or continuous running noise. While this did not affect the functionality of the freezer, it might be a consideration for those who are highly sensitive to noise or planning to place the freezer in a living area.

Overall, the Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer is a reliable and convenient solution for those needing additional freezing space without sacrificing too much room. Its energy-efficient design, combined with a 2-year guarantee, makes it a worthwhile investment for small living spaces.

Cookology UCFZ60 Freestanding Undercounter Freezer

The Cookology UCFZ60 is a reliable and stylish choice for extra frozen storage, ideal for small households or as a secondary unit.


  • Compact design with 60-litre capacity
  • Quiet operation at 41dB
  • Reversible door for flexible installation


  • Lacks manual temperature control
  • Not suitable for large families or heavy usage
  • Limited built-in features

We recently tried out the Cookology UCFZ60 Freestanding Undercounter Freezer. It’s a sleek, black, space-saving appliance designed to fit seamlessly under your kitchen counter. At 60 litres, it’s the perfect size for smaller households or as a secondary freezer to store extra groceries.

The freezer has a quiet operation, producing only 41dB of noise. This makes it suitable for open plan kitchens, guest room kitchens, and other spaces where noise might be an issue. It also features a reversible door, allowing for flexibility when choosing its location and setup.

Inside, you’ll find two shelves and a freeze zone drawer, great for organizing your frozen goods. The freezer has a 4-star rating, meaning it can maintain a temperature of -18°C which allows for the safe long-term storage of suitable frozen food items.

One minor drawback we noticed is the lack of manual temperature control. To adjust the temperature, you may need to consult the user guide or seek assistance online. Additionally, the UCFZ60 may not be the best choice for larger families or those who require heavy-duty freezing capabilities, as its capacity and features are geared more towards lighter use.

In conclusion, the Cookology UCFZ60 Freestanding Undercounter Freezer is a solid choice for those in need of additional frozen storage in a compact and quiet appliance. Its sleek design, quiet operation, and flexible installation make it a great option for a variety of spaces and needs.

IceKing RZ109WL Under Counter Freezer

A perfect choice for compact spaces and energy efficiency, the IceKing RZ109WL offers a quality freezer option.


  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Modern design and top functionality
  • Eco-friendly with an impressive energy rating


  • Limited capacity due to small size
  • Manual defrost system
  • May not fit larger items easily

We recently tried the IceKing RZ109WL Under Counter Freezer and were quite pleased with its performance. The compact size makes it suitable for homes and offices with limited space, as well as bars and restaurants that require a quiet appliance. The design features three freezer compartments, reversible doors, and an adjustable thermostat that’s easy to use and offers great functionality.

The most outstanding aspect of the IceKing RZ109WL is its eco-friendliness, boasting an impressive energy rating and a 4-star freezer rating. This not only keeps the food freshly frozen but also helps lower energy bills, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

However, the compactness of the IceKing RZ109WL comes at the cost of limited capacity. While its small size is beneficial in many ways, it might pose a challenge when trying to fit larger items or organising a substantial amount of food. Moreover, the manual defrost system could be a point of inconvenience for some users.

In conclusion, the IceKing RZ109WL Under Counter Freezer is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for those seeking a compact and efficient freezing solution. If you can work around its limited capacity and manual defrosting, this freezer will serve you well in keeping your food preserved while reducing environmental impact.

Cookology MFZ32SL Table Top Freezer

A convenient and compact freezer suitable for those needing extra storage in small spaces.


  • Compact size with 32-litre capacity
  • Adjustable temperature control and legs
  • 4 Star Freezer Rating


  • Limited storage space for larger items
  • Some users reported cosmetic damage upon delivery
  • Not as energy efficient as larger models

The Cookology MFZ32SL Table Top Freezer is an excellent solution for anyone in need of extra freezer storage but doesn’t have the space for a larger appliance. With its compact size, it fits perfectly in a variety of smaller spaces such as student accommodations, offices, or even holiday homes.

This mini freezer is equipped with removable wire shelves and reversible doors, providing both versatility and convenience. Its 4-star freezer rating ensures that frozen goods can be stored long-term at a safe temperature of -18℃. Additionally, its adjustable legs and temperature control allow for an easy fit and adaptability in any environment.

Though the MFZ32SL has a relatively small capacity, its practical design makes good use of the available space. It may not accommodate larger items but is perfect for storing ice, frozen treats, or smaller frozen packages. The appliance runs quietly at just 42 decibels, making it suitable for environments requiring minimal noise levels.

In conclusion, the Cookology MFZ32SL Table Top Freezer is an ideal choice for those looking to add extra freezer space without the need for a large appliance. Its practical design, quiet operation, and versatile features make it a valuable addition to any small living space.

SIA TT02BLK 39L Black Counter Table Top Mini Freezer

The SIA TT02BLK is a solid choice for anyone in need of a compact and efficient mini freezer for their home or office.


  • 4 Star Freezer Rating
  • Reversible Door
  • Adjustable Legs


  • Limited storage capacity
  • No interior basket
  • Slightly noisy

We recently tried the SIA TT02BLK mini freezer and were impressed by its efficiency and design. With a 4-star freezer rating, it keeps our food items frozen and well-preserved. The reversible door allows us to customise the freezer’s placement, and the adjustable legs make it easy to keep the unit stable on uneven surfaces.

However, with a 39-litre capacity, this freezer might not provide enough storage space for households with larger freezing needs. Additionally, we did notice that it could use an interior basket to help organise the contents, particularly for smaller items. While using the freezer, we also observed that it is not completely silent and does make some noise when it starts up, but this wasn’t overly intrusive.

Despite its limitations, we found the SIA TT02BLK to be a reliable and efficient mini freezer. Its compact design makes it a perfect addition to smaller kitchens, offices, or holiday lets. Plus, with a 1-year parts and labour guarantee, you can trust in the quality of this product.

Overall, if you are searching for a mini freezer that balances functionality with space-saving design, the SIA TT02BLK is definitely worth considering. But if you need more storage capacity or a completely silent operation, you may want to explore other options.

Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer

The Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer is a perfect addition for extra storage and efficiency in limited spaces.


  • 4-star freezer rating
  • Adjustable thermostat & reversible door
  • Compact yet spacious


  • Slightly heavier than other mini freezers
  • Limited shelving options
  • May require extra space for ventilation

The Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer is an impressive choice for those who need to store extra items or free up space in their main refrigerator. Its compact design fits perfectly in tight spaces, and with a net storage capacity of 30 Litres, it can accommodate a decent amount of food. The removable shelf inside is a great feature, allowing for storage of larger items.

One thing we appreciate about this mini freezer is its quiet and energy-efficient operation. The advanced compressor technology ensures optimum performance while saving energy, having a low noise output of 41dB and an energy consumption of only 180kWh/annum. This makes it an eco-friendly option for storing your frozen goods.

As great as the Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer is, there are a few areas in which it could be improved. It has only one shelf, limiting customisation options. Additionally, while it’s not excessively heavy, it weighs slightly more than some other mini freezers, making it less portable. An important point to keep in mind is the need for extra space around the freezer for proper ventilation to maintain good performance.

In conclusion, the Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer is a solid choice for anyone looking to purchase a small freezer for their home needs. Its compact size, energy efficiency, and ample storage capacity make it an excellent option for supplemental frozen storage.

COMFEE’ 99L Freestanding Black Chest Freezer

A perfect freezer for those seeking space-saving and energy-efficient freezing solution in a stylish black design.


  • Excellent D+ Cooling System for improved efficiency
  • Space-saving built-in door hinge design
  • Adjustable thermostats & suitable for watertight garages or outbuildings


  • Might be slightly noisy for some users
  • Lack of in-built drawers for storage
  • Only available in black colour

We’ve found the COMFEE’ 99L freestanding black chest freezer to be a great addition to our home. With its unique D+ cooling system, it ensures that the freezer stays efficient and cool, even in tight spaces. Its sleek look and built-in door hinge not only save space, but also add an elegant touch to our kitchen.

The adjustable thermostats are a definite plus, allowing us to set the optimal temperature for our frozen goods. Additionally, this freezer is suitable for use in garages or outbuildings, making it a versatile and convenient choice. The included wire storage basket has been handy for organising smaller items and everyday essentials.

However, we noticed that for some users, it might be slightly noisy during operation. Furthermore, the lack of in-built drawers or compartments could be a drawback for those who prefer more organised storage. Finally, the freezer is only available in a black colour option, which might not suit everyone’s taste.

Overall, we believe the COMFEE’ 99L freestanding black chest freezer is a solid choice for those in need of a compact and efficient freezer for their home or garage. Its stylish design and versatile features make it a great investment for a wide range of users.

SIA AMZCHF100W 48cm Freestanding Slimline Compact White Chest Freezer

We recommend the SIA AMZCHF100W as a great slimline and compact freezer option with efficient performance.


  • Stylish white finish
  • Slimline design at 47.5cm width
  • 7 temperature settings


  • Manual defrost
  • F energy rating despite advertised as A+
  • Possible issues with delivery condition

We recently tried the SIA AMZCHF100W slimline compact chest freezer, and we find it to be a convenient and stylish option for those in need of a small freezer. Its white finish and slimline design, with a width of 47.5cm, make it suitable for smaller spaces. In our experience, it offers excellent cooling performance, thanks to its seven different temperature settings, which allow for precise control.

However, we did notice that the freezer requires manual defrosting, which might be inconvenient for some users. Additionally, the energy rating of the product is F, despite being advertised as A+. This discrepancy may be important to consider for those who are energy-conscious.

During our time using the SIA AMZCHF100W, we were pleased with its overall performance. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention the potential delivery issues as some customers have received dented units. If you decide to purchase this freezer, we recommend inspecting the packaging and the unit upon arrival.

In conclusion, the SIA AMZCHF100W is a practical and stylish choice for those seeking a compact freezer. Despite some drawbacks, such as manual defrosting and energy rating discrepancies, its efficient cooling, slim design, and multiple temperature settings make it worth considering.

SIA White 36cm Compact Chest Freezer

This compact chest freezer by SIA is perfect for those with limited space looking for effective freezing solutions.


  • Slim and space-saving design
  • 7 adjustable temperature settings
  • 1-year parts and labour guarantee


  • F energy rating
  • Constant operation may consume more electricity
  • Not suitable for areas with a limited power supply

We recently tried the SIA White 36cm Compact Chest Freezer, and it’s an excellent option for small spaces like caravans, mobile homes, and campervans. The slim, 35.5 cm width ensures that it does not take up excessive space, and with 7 temperature settings, we could easily adjust it to our preferred freezing conditions.

Despite its compact design, the SIA White 36cm Compact Chest Freezer has the capacity to hold quite a bit of food. It definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of storage, and we found it handy when we took it camping in our campervan.

The only drawback we noticed is its energy rating – F. This means that it might not be as energy-efficient as other models available on the market. Additionally, since the freezer operates almost continuously, it might consume more electricity than higher-rated products, which could be a concern for some users.

In conclusion, the SIA White 36cm Compact Chest Freezer is an excellent choice for those with limited space. It provides efficient freezing solutions, adjustable temperature settings, and an impressive storage capacity despite its compact design. However, its energy efficiency might be a concern for some, so it could be worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Buying Guide

a woman testing a small freezer

When looking for the best small freezer in the UK, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we will discuss the key features to look out for, ensuring you make the best choice for your needs.

Capacity and Size

It is essential to consider the freezer’s capacity, measured in litres, and the physical dimensions of the unit. Think about the available space in your home and the amount of frozen food you plan to store. A table-top freezer typically has a capacity of around 30-50 liters, while an under-counter freezer ranges from 60-100 liters.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient freezer can save you money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Look for models with an energy rating of A+ or higher, as these tend to consume less electricity. Additionally, some freezers have a fast freeze function, which temporarily increases the freezing power to quickly freeze newly added items. This feature helps preserve the nutritional value and taste of your food, while also reducing energy consumption in the long run.

Defrosting System

There are two types of defrosting systems: manual and frost-free. A manual defrost freezer requires you to periodically remove ice buildup by turning off the unit and allowing the ice to melt. Frost-free freezers, on the other hand, use a heating element and a fan to prevent ice from forming, saving you time and effort.

Noise Level

A quiet freezer is always preferable, especially if it’s located in an open-plan living area. Check the noise level of the freezer, measured in decibels (dB). Ideally, look for models with noise levels below 40 dB, as these are less likely to disturb you or your family.

Additional Features

You may also want to consider freezers with useful features, such as adjustable shelves and compartments, reversible doors, and integrated handles. These additional features can enhance the versatility and functionality of your new small freezer.

By keeping these factors in mind, we are sure you will find the best small freezer for your needs. Just remember to measure the available space, compare energy efficiency ratings, and consider the defrosting system and noise levels before making a purchase. Happy shopping!

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