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Best Larder Fridges UK: Top Choices for 2024

In the world of modern kitchens, larder fridges have become indispensable, offering efficient storage for perishable items. As an expert with years of experience in household appliances, I understand the importance of finding the right larder fridge for your specific needs. This article, backed by thorough research and testing, will guide you through the process of choosing the best larder fridge in the UK, ensuring that you make a choice that combines functionality, energy efficiency, and value for money.

Our Picks

We’ve compiled a list of the top larder fridges available in the UK, ensuring all your food storage needs are met with ease and style. Browse through our selection of the best products below.

English Electric Upright Larder Fridge EE240H

This larder fridge is a valuable addition to any kitchen, offering ample storage and useful features.


  • Low Frost Technology and LED light
  • Adjustable Space with tempered glass shelves
  • Reversible Door Hinge for versatility


  • Some users report flimsy cabinet materials
  • Not enough shelves for some users
  • Smaller salad container than expected

Having used the English Electric Upright Larder Fridge, we can confidently say it lives up to its features. The Low Frost Technology ensures a hassle-free experience without having to manually defrost the fridge constantly. The LED light is a great bonus for late-night snacking, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The adjustable shelves are wonderful for customising the fridge based on your needs, and the tempered glass shelves provide stability and easy cleaning. Additionally, we appreciate the reversible door hinge which allows us to optimise our kitchen space even when it’s limited.

However, it’s important to note that some users have found the cabinet materials to be flimsier than expected, and the number of shelves may not be sufficient for some people’s needs. Also, the salad container is on the smaller side, which could be a downside for those who need more space for their fresh produce. Despite these drawbacks, we still think the English Electric Upright Larder Fridge is a reliable and functional choice for most households.

Fridgemaster MTL55242 242L Freestanding Upright Fridge

The Fridgemaster MTL55242 is an excellent choice for those seeking a spacious and efficient larder fridge to preserve their fresh items for an extended period.


  • Large 242-litre capacity
  • Adjustable shelves for customisation
  • Salad crisper drawer for optimal storage


  • Potential confusion over energy efficiency rating
  • Might be shorter than expected
  • No freezer compartment

After using the Fridgemaster MTL55242, we were delighted with the ample storage and organisation it provided. The 242-litre capacity, coupled with five adjustable shelves, allowed us to store everything in an easy-to-access manner, leading to less food spoilage and waste. Additionally, the salad crisper drawer at the bottom kept fruits and vegetables fresher and crisper for much longer.

We found that the reversible door offered that extra bit of flexibility, enabling us to place the fridge according to our kitchen layout. However, it is crucial to be aware that this model does not have a freezer compartment, so it might not be ideal for those needing to store frozen items.

The Fridgemaster MTL55242 is advertised as having an A+ energy efficiency rating, but some users claimed to have received a version with an F rating. While we didn’t experience this issue, it’s worth keeping in mind when purchasing. Moreover, the fridge might be shorter than anticipated, so it’s essential to measure the space before purchasing.

In conclusion, the Fridgemaster MTL55242 242L Freestanding Upright Fridge is a fantastic larder fridge for those looking to store fresh items in an organised and efficient manner. Its large capacity and adjustable shelves make it highly versatile, and the salad crisper drawer offers even more benefits. Just be sure to verify the energy efficiency rating and measure your space before purchasing.

Fridgemaster MUL4892MF Undercounter Larder Fridge – White

The Fridgemaster MUL4892MF is a compact and efficient larder fridge that’s perfect for small kitchens or extra storage needs.


  • Compact size: fits well into small kitchens
  • Reversible door: allows flexibility in placement
  • Quiet operation: only 39dB noise rating


  • Limited capacity: 92 litres might not be enough for larger households
  • No freezer compartment
  • Denting issues in some cases

We recently had the opportunity to put the Fridgemaster MUL4892MF 47.5cm Undercounter Larder Fridge to the test, and we were generally impressed with its performance. The compact size made it easy to fit within our small kitchen space, and we appreciated the reversible door, which allowed us to set it up to suit our preferences.

The quiet operation was a standout feature – at 39dB, it was hardly noticeable in the background. This is particularly important if you’re placing the fridge in close proximity to living or working areas where you don’t want to be distracted by the sound.

However, we did notice that the Fridgemaster MUL4892MF isn’t the most spacious fridge on the market. With a capacity of only 92 litres, it might not be ideal for larger households or those who need more storage. Additionally, there’s no freezer compartment – so if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, you might need to look elsewhere.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that we saw some denting issues in a few cases. While this didn’t affect the performance, it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re considering this model.

In conclusion, the Fridgemaster MUL4892MF Undercounter Larder Fridge is a solid option for those with limited space or who require additional cold storage. Its compact size, reversible door, and quiet operation make it a great choice – just be mindful of the limited capacity and be prepared to manage issues with denting, if they arise.

Igenix IG255W Freestanding Under Counter Larder Fridge

The Igenix IG255W Larder Fridge is an ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and space-saving under counter fridge for their kitchen.


  • Slim 55cm width perfect for small spaces
  • Large 136 litre capacity
  • Flexible storage with 2 adjustable glass shelves and a spacious salad drawer


  • Lacks additional features like a freezer or dedicated drink storage
  • No temperature display or controls
  • Some users reported issues with the delivery or packaging

Our experience with the Igenix IG255W has been particularly positive, thanks to its sleek and stylish design that seamlessly fits into tight spaces in our kitchen. With a 55cm width, this under counter larder fridge maximises our available kitchen space, providing ample refrigeration without being intrusive.

The generous 136-litre capacity allows us to store all of our favourite groceries, beverages, and perishables with ease. Furthermore, the two adjustable glass shelves and large capacity salad drawer enable us to customise the fridge organisation according to our requirements. The interior is kept bright with a helpful light, making it easy to find the items we need.

The reversible door and adjustable feet are also convenient features, allowing us to personalise the fridge according to our kitchen layout. However, the Igenix IG255W could benefit from additional features like temperature display or controls and dedicated bottle or drink storage. Although rare, some users also mentioned receiving the product with damages or packaging issues.

Overall, we recommend the Igenix IG255W Freestanding Under Counter Larder Fridge as a great space-saving and efficient addition to any kitchen. The abundant storage capacity, versatile organisation features, and clean white design make it a worthy investment for those looking to improve their cold storage options.

English Electric 55cm Under Counter Larder Fridge, White EEL130H 127 Litres

The English Electric 55cm Under Counter Larder Fridge is an excellent choice for keeping your groceries fresh and fitting seamlessly into your kitchen.


  • Stylish design with practical features
  • Energy-efficient with low annual energy consumption
  • Auto-defrost technology for easy maintenance


  • Limited storage capacity for larger households
  • Condensation may be an issue for some users
  • Two-year guarantee – longer warranties are available on other models

We recently had the opportunity to use the English Electric 55cm Under Counter Larder Fridge, and we were quite impressed by its performance. This fridge has a sleek design that blends seamlessly into any kitchen setting while providing practicality and function. Its 127-litre capacity is suitable for small households, but larger families may require more space.

One of the standout features of this fridge is its energy efficiency. The annual energy consumption is only 112 kWh, which means you won’t have to worry about high energy bills. Additionally, the auto-defrost technology ensures that you won’t need to waste time scraping ice off the back of the fridge, and the LED light helps you see everything inside easily.

The adjustable glass shelves and the large salad crisper drawer allow for flexible storage options, accommodating tall items and keeping your fruit and veg fresh. Although we noticed a little condensation during our time using the fridge, it didn’t pose any significant problem.

While the English Electric Under Counter Larder Fridge comes with a two-year manufacturer’s parts and labour guarantee, this warranty may be shorter than that offered by some competitors. However, with its efficient performance and sleek design, we believe this fridge would be a valuable addition to any small household.

SIA LFS01WH 48cm White Freestanding Larder Fridge

This larder fridge is a decent option for those seeking a compact, budget-friendly appliance with temperature control features.


  • Reversible door for flexible placement
  • Manageable temperature control
  • Adjustable legs for stability on uneven surfaces


  • No salad tray included
  • Slightly noisy operation
  • Difficult door reversal process

Our experience with the SIA LFS01WH 48cm White Freestanding Larder Fridge has been largely positive. As a compact appliance with a 91-litre capacity, it is perfect for smaller spaces or as a secondary fridge. We appreciated the reversible door feature, as it allowed us to place the fridge according to the layout of our space. The temperature control system was also easy to manage, ensuring optimal storage conditions for various food items.

However, while using this larder fridge, we noticed that it was a bit noisier than expected. Although not a significant issue for a garage or utility room, it may be bothersome in smaller living spaces. Additionally, we were disappointed to find that there was no salad tray included, which slightly hinders storage options for fresh produce.

Finally, we found reversing the door to be quite a challenge, requiring specific tools and proving to be more difficult than it should be. Despite these drawbacks, we believe the SIA LFS01WH Larder Fridge is a worthy choice for those in need of a cost-effective, compact refrigeration solution.

Russell Hobbs RH55LF143B Slimline Larder Fridge

This Slimline Larder Fridge is a perfect choice for those in need of a spacious, efficient, and stylish fridge.


  • 242L capacity for ample storage
  • Energy efficient with F rating
  • Versatile storage options


  • Manual defrost system
  • Limited to freestanding installation
  • No QR code for product registration

We recently used the Russell Hobbs RH55LF143B Slimline Larder Fridge, and we were quite impressed with its performance. With a 242L capacity, it effortlessly accommodated our food shopping and kept everything neatly organised with its four removable shelves, four door racks, and salad crisper drawer.

One aspect we greatly appreciated was the fridge’s energy efficiency. With an F energy rating, it helped us minimise costs as well as reduce our environmental impact. The adjustable thermostat and reversible door also provided versatility when it came to adapting this fridge to our specific needs.

However, we should mention its manual defrost system, which might be a downside for some people. We also noticed that this fridge is limited to freestanding installations, so it may not be suitable for all homes.

Lastly, while registering the fridge for the 2-year guarantee, we found it a bit dated that there is no QR code for registration. The process could have been more streamlined, like many other companies that have moved into the 21st century in this regard.

Overall, the Russell Hobbs RH55LF143B Slimline Larder Fridge is an excellent choice for those looking for an energy-efficient and spacious fridge. The few cons mentioned are outweighed by the numerous benefits this fridge has to offer, making it a strong contender for your next larder fridge purchase.

SIA RFI106 304L White Integrated Built In Tall Larder Fridge

The SIA RFI106 is worth considering for its large capacity, auto defrost and metal back, while keeping in mind its slightly unstable door shelves and average thermostat control.


  • Large 304L capacity
  • Auto defrost feature
  • Metal backed for safety


  • Shallow door shelves
  • Average thermostat control
  • Some reported moisture issues

We recently tried out the SIA RFI106 larder fridge and found that the large 304L capacity offers plenty of storage space, making it suitable for families with large grocery hauls. Additionally, the auto defrost feature prevents any ice build-up, ensuring a low maintenance fridge experience. Furthermore, the metal-backed design adds an element of safety, providing peace of mind.

However, we noticed that the door shelves were slightly shallow, which made items feel a bit unstable. This problem can be solved by being more cautious with the placement of items on the door shelves. The thermostat control seems average; adjusting it to find the perfect temperature may take some trial and error. It’s also worth noting that some users have reported moisture build-up at the bottom of the fridge. Using a towel or tray to catch any excess moisture can help address this issue.

Overall, the SIA RFI106 larder fridge offers a good amount of storage space and convenient features. While it has some minor downsides, with a few adjustments, it can be an efficient addition to your kitchen. So, if you’re in the market for a new larder fridge, this could be a suitable option.

Teknix TH60TLX 60cm Freestanding Tall Larder Fridge

The Teknix TH60TLX is a fantastic choice for those seeking an efficient, spacious, and stylish larder fridge for their kitchen.


  • Total No Frost system, ensuring frost-free operation
  • Energy-efficient with E (A++) rating for lower energy consumption
  • Adjustable shelves and multiple storage compartments provide versatility


  • Slightly larger dimensions may not fit all kitchen spaces
  • It may be pricier compared to other larder fridges with similar features
  • Reversible door necessitates ample space for outward swing

Recently, we had the opportunity to test out the Teknix TH60TLX larder fridge. One feature that instantly stood out to us was its Total No Frost system. Having frost-free operation meant that we no longer needed to worry about manually defrosting our fridge – a real time-saver.

The energy efficiency of this fridge is also worth mentioning. Its E (A++) rating ensures less energy consumption, which is not only better for the environment but also lighter on our wallets. The LED temperature control was another useful addition, allowing for easier monitoring and adjustment of the internal temperature.

Storage-wise, the Teknix TH60TLX offers great versatility. With adjustable shelves, large door balconies, and multiple drawers, we could easily organise our food items. However, some may find the larger dimensions of this fridge (H185.5 x W59.5 x D65.1 cm) to be a downside – make sure you measure your available space before committing to this larder fridge.

In conclusion, although certain aspects could be a potential issue for some, we believe that the Teknix TH60TLX is an excellent larder fridge overall. Its energy efficiency, frost-free operation, and versatile storage options make it worth the investment for those looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances.

Iceking RL340WE 340L White 170x60cm Tall Larder Freestanding Fridge

The Iceking RL340WE is a solid choice for those seeking a spacious and efficient larder fridge.


  • Spacious 340-litre capacity
  • Energy-efficient, 3-Star rating
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Internal light limitation
  • Potential leakage issue
  • No in-built freezer

We recently got our hands on the Iceking RL340WE larder fridge, and we must say, it has been impressive in terms of its capacity and energy efficiency. With 340 litres of storage space, this tall larder fridge works perfectly for our needs, allowing us to keep plenty of items fresh and organised.

One of the standout features of this fridge is its glossy white finish that easily blends with our kitchen’s décor. Moreover, its stand-alone form factor enabled us to place it wherever we found it most convenient.

While we love the overall design and efficiency, there are a few drawbacks that we encountered. Firstly, the internal light is quite limited, shining mainly on the top shelf, making it difficult to see items on lower shelves in dim lighting. However, this is not a deal-breaker, but something worth considering.

Another concern that we had was the possible leakage issue, but we didn’t experience this personally. It might be an isolated case but the potential for a similar issue might still exist, so we wanted to share it with you.

Lastly, the Iceking RL340WE is a larder fridge which means it does not come with an in-built freezer. For us, this is not an issue since we have a separate freezer, but if you require a freezing compartment, you should look for another model.

In conclusion, the Iceking RL340WE is a good choice for those in need of a spacious and energy-efficient larder fridge. The few drawbacks are worth considering, but overall we have had a positive experience with this product.

Buying Guide

a woman testing out a larder fridge

As we look for the best larder fridges in the UK, it’s essential to consider certain features and factors that make a fridge stand out from the rest. In this buying guide, we will discuss the key aspects to pay attention to when making your purchase.


First and foremost, the capacity of the fridge is crucial, as it determines how much food and drink you can store. Consider the size of your household and the amount of storage space you need. Larder fridges come in various capacities, from small under-counter models to large freestanding units. Choose one that meets your storage requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital factor in choosing a larder fridge, as it directly impacts your electricity bills and carbon footprint. Aim for fridges with an A+ or higher energy rating, as these will consume less electricity and save you money in the long run.

Noise Levels

A noisy fridge can be particularly annoying, especially in open-plan living spaces. Check the noise level, measured in decibels (dB), before making your purchase. Larder fridges with noise levels of around 40 dB or lower are considered quiet and won’t disturb your daily activities.

Shelf Arrangement

Ideal larder fridges should have adjustable shelving, allowing you to rearrange the compartments based on your storage needs. Some fridges also come with special features such as bottle racks, egg trays, and compartments for fruits and vegetables – all of which can make organising your fridge space easier and more efficient.

Design and Dimensions

As larder fridges come in various designs and dimensions, be sure to measure the available space in your kitchen before buying one. You can choose between under-counter fridges or freestanding models depending on your preferences and available space. Additionally, consider the door opening direction, which can either be left or right-handed, to ensure that it suits your kitchen layout.

By carefully considering these features, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing the best larder fridge for your needs. Remember that each household has different requirements, so take your time to assess which factors are most important for you.

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