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Best Heat Recovery Ventilation System UK: Top Picks for 2024

In the quest for energy-efficient living, UK homeowners are increasingly turning to heat recovery ventilation systems. These innovative systems strike a balance between maintaining a fresh, healthy indoor atmosphere and minimizing energy loss. With years of expertise in evaluating home energy solutions, I’ve rigorously tested a variety of these systems to guide you in choosing the most effective one for your well-insulated home. This article simplifies the selection process, drawing from my experience to ensure your home remains comfortable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Our Picks

We’ve compiled a list of the top heat recovery ventilation systems available in the UK. Browse our selection below to find the perfect system for your needs.

Kair Heat Recovery Silent Extractor Fan with Humidistat, Pullcord, Night Sensor – Anti Condensation Ventilation Unit 12v SELV

We highly recommend the Kair Heat Recovery Silent Extractor Fan for those tackling damp issues and seeking an energy-efficient solution.


  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Up to 86% heat recovery
  • Suitable for various room types


  • Requires a 152mm core drill for installation
  • Control box design might not appeal to everyone
  • Humidistat level may need occasional adjustment

Having recently used the Kair Heat Recovery Silent Extractor Fan in our own home, we can say it has effectively addressed damp and condensation issues, not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen and bedrooms. It’s astonishing how quiet it operates, even while delivering powerful air extraction.

This ventilation unit is both energy-efficient and adept at saving heat, recovering up to 86% from extracted air. As a consequence, our heating bills have been positively impacted. Despite being energy-efficient and economical, it’s important to note that the installation process requires a 152mm core drill, which may be an inconvenience to some users.

The design of the control box could be improved, as it may not appeal to everyone. Moreover, the humidistat level seemed to occasionally need adjustments to maintain optimal performance. However, these small drawbacks do not detract from the overall value and effectiveness of the Kair Heat Recovery Silent Extractor Fan.

In conclusion, we are thoroughly impressed with the performance of the Kair Heat Recovery Silent Extractor Fan. It delivers on its promise of effectively managing damp issues and energy efficiency. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a high-quality ventilation solution.

Kair Trakmaster 125 Slimline Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

We recommend the Kair Trakmaster 125 Slimline Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit for those seeking an efficient and compact solution for combating condensation in small spaces.


  • Efficient heat recovery for small rooms
  • Quiet operation at 24 dBA
  • Easy installation with 125mm ducting compatibility


  • Limited to smaller spaces
  • Heavier than some alternatives at 14 kg
  • May require professional installation for best results

We’ve recently tested the Kair Trakmaster 125 Slimline Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit in a small flat, and it truly exceeded our expectations. The self-contained plug and play design made it simple to set up, even in limited spaces. The compact slimline design is suitable for suspended installation and works efficiently with 125mm ducting. We found the unit to be acoustically insulated, which helped reduce overall sound noise levels down to an impressive 24 dBA.

The ventilation unit boasts supply and extract heat recovery airflow rates up to 29 l/s (106 m3/hour), making it suitable for small apartments, offices, toilets, or any area requiring heat recovery ventilation. Moreover, its compatibility with 125mm ducting and built-in frost protection further enhance its reliability.

However, it is important to note that the Kair Trakmaster 125 is primarily suited for smaller areas, so those needing ventilation solutions for larger spaces might want to consider alternative options. Additionally, at 14 kg, the unit is heftier compared to some competing models on the market, and while its installation process is fairly straightforward, we recommend seeking professional help for the best results.

In conclusion, the Kair Trakmaster 125 Slimline Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit serves as an effective solution for individuals seeking a compact unit to alleviate condensation in small spaces. Its quiet operation and solid performance make it a worthy investment, though it’s essential to consider the space limitations and potential need for professional installation.

LIRAST Heat Recovery Ventilation System Ø 100mm / 4”

This LIRAST heat recovery ventilation system is a reliable choice for balanced fresh air supply, with up to 90% recuperation efficiency.


  • Telescopic wall sleeve for walls 300-500mm thick
  • On/off switch and speed mode control
  • 70-second ventilation cycles with automatic energy recovery


  • Could be quieter with 44dB sound level
  • No batteries included or required
  • Item weight at 2.03 kg might need sturdy wall support

We recently installed the LIRAST Heat Recovery Ventilation System in our home, and we’ve been pleased with its performance. The innovative ceramic heat storage and weather cover ensure we’re bringing in fresh air without losing too much precious heat. The Ø 100mm / 4” telescopic wall sleeve made the installation process a breeze, accommodating our wall thickness effortlessly.

The ventilation unit runs in 70-second cycles, which allows for continuous operation throughout the year. It’s equipped with a convenient switch for turning the device on or off and changing the speed mode. We noticed the energy recovery feature has been effective, making sure our energy consumption is kept in check.

However, the sound level of 44 dB could be improved, as we found it noticeable in quieter spaces. In addition, the LIRAST heat recovery ventilation system doesn’t require any batteries, which means there is no backup during power outages. Another detail to consider is the unit’s 2.03 kg weight, which may require sturdy wall support for proper installation.

Overall, we recommend the LIRAST Heat Recovery Ventilation System to anyone seeking a practical and efficient solution to improve their indoor air quality while preserving energy. Keep in mind its minor drawbacks when it comes to noise level, lack of battery backup, and wall support requirements.

Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator

We recommend the Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator for those seeking improved indoor air quality and energy savings in a compact, easy-to-install unit.


  • Highly efficient heat recovery
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation with included remote controller


  • Limited to single room ventilation
  • Only suitable for specific room types
  • May require additional external venting

We recently had the opportunity to use the Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator and were impressed by its efficiency in providing better indoor air quality while recycling heat that’s usually lost with traditional extractor fans. This unit introduces fresh, filtered air into your room by extracting stale, moist air without producing excessive noise, making it a valuable addition to living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

The Kair Mini Ventilator is equipped with a remote controller and an external acoustic noise-reducing wall vent, making its installation process straightforward. It consumes only 2 watts of electricity, which allows you to save both energy and money, as it’s capable of recycling up to 81% of your heat. This feature helps you reclaim the upfront costs of the product quite quickly compared to other energy-efficient investments.

However, it’s essential to note that this ventilator system is specifically designed for single-room use and may not be suitable for larger spaces requiring more powerful ventilation. Additionally, it does not come with an exhaust fan for bathrooms or kitchens, which means you will need to install additional external venting if using the unit in these areas.

All in all, the Kair Mini Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for improving indoor air quality and heat recovery in specified room types. Keep in mind its limitations for larger areas and specific room types that may require additional ventilation.

Steinberg14 Diameter Ø 100 mm Ventilation System

We recommend this Steinberg14 Ventilation System for those who seek efficient heat recovery and continuous operation.


  • Easy installation for various wall thicknesses
  • High efficiency with up to 85% heat recovery
  • Innovative ceramic heat exchanger for maximum thermal efficiency


  • Electric connection instructions are unclear
  • Limited customer reviews available
  • Noise level of 44 dB may be distracting for some

We found this Steinberg14 Diameter Ø 100 mm Decentral Single Room Ventilation System to be a reliable option for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. The unit excels at providing continuous operation, 365 days a year, making it an ideal choice for residential applications.

The high efficiency decentralized system, with a heat recovery rate of up to 85%, ensures consistent thermal comfort throughout various seasons. The innovative ceramic heat exchanger, coupled with two replaceable EU1 filters, offers remarkable thermal efficiency. Additionally, the system is designed for easy installation in walls with a thickness of 300-555mm.

However, some users have experienced difficulties with the electric connection setup due to a lack of clear instructions. Additionally, the noise level of 44 dB might be bothersome for those sensitive to sound. Despite these concerns, the Steinberg14 Ventilation System is a practical choice for maintaining optimal indoor air quality and comfort.

Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-25N

The Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-25N is an excellent choice for those looking to improve air quality and energy efficiency in a compact and user-friendly system.


  • Ultra low power consumption for reduced bills
  • Improved indoor air quality and humidity control
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Suitable for small properties only
  • Limited features compared to pricier models
  • May require professional installation

The Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-25N is a compact and efficient heat recovery ventilation system suitable for small properties in the UK. It has an ultra low power consumption, ensuring reduced energy bills and less impact on the environment. Having used this heat recovery unit, we have experienced a significant improvement in the indoor air quality, including a decrease in humidity, black mould growth, and condensation.

This unit comes with an LCD controller and straightforward installation guide, making it easy to use and maintain. The filters are easily accessible and washable, and the heat exchangers can be removed for convenient cleaning. This ease of maintenance ensures the MVHR performs at its best and lasts for a long time.

While this Ventilation Megastore MVHR is perfect for smaller properties up to 148m², homeowners with larger properties might need a higher-capacity unit. It has a few valuable features like Auto-Bypass and Preheat functions, but it doesn’t have some of the advanced features found in more expensive models. Additionally, you might need the help of a professional for installation, depending on your level of hands-on experience.

Overall, the Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-25N is an excellent choice for those wanting a compact, energy-efficient, and easy-to-maintain heat recovery ventilation system. It improves air quality and helps prevent moisture-related issues by recovering heat energy. Just keep in mind that it’s designed for small properties and may have limited features compared to more advanced systems.

Blauberg Heat Recovery Ventilator

We highly recommend the Blauberg Heat Recovery Ventilator for those looking to improve their home’s ventilation and energy efficiency.


  • Silent operation with various control options
  • Smartphone and smart home compatible
  • Efficient German heat recovery technology


  • Limited customer reviews available
  • May require professional installation
  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection for optimal operation

We recently installed the Blauberg Heat Recovery Ventilator in our own home, and we couldn’t be happier with its performance. The unit operates silently, and we were able to control the ventilation rate, humidity, and airflow, either manually or automatically.

What really impressed us was the compatibility with our smartphones and home automation systems such as Alexa and Echo. This allowed us to conveniently adjust the settings without any hassle. The Wi-Fi connection also enabled the unit to communicate with other Blauberg ventilators around the house, providing a comprehensive ventilation solution.

Powered by German heat recovery technology and an efficient DC motor, the Blauberg Ventilator managed to deliver an impressive 30 m3/hour extract airflow rate while consuming just 1.8 watts of power. As a result, we were able to recover up to 93% of the heat that would normally be wasted with traditional extractor fans.

The only drawbacks we noticed were that the product has limited customer reviews to refer to, and professional installation might be needed for optimal results. Moreover, be aware that the unit requires a Wi-Fi connection for all of its advanced features.

In conclusion, the Blauberg Heat Recovery Ventilator is an excellent and eco-friendly addition to any home, offering silent operation and smart control options. With efficient heat recovery technology, you can now enjoy improved ventilation without compromising on energy efficiency.

Ventilation Megastore DHV-04/100B MVHR for Small Spaces

The Ventilation Megastore DHV-04/100B is a fantastic choice for small spaces due to its efficiency, air quality improvement, and compact design.


  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Improved air quality
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • May not be suitable for larger properties
  • Limited customer reviews
  • Only one speed controller included

We recently had the opportunity to test the Ventilation Megastore DHV-04/100B heat recovery ventilation system in a small living space. The first thing we noticed was its ultra low power consumption. This feature allowed us to save money and be kinder to the environment while still enjoying a reliable ventilation system. Furthermore, it operates with minimal noise, barely noticeable compared to other systems in the market.

Another fantastic feature of the DHV-04/100B is its ability to improve the air quality within our space. This heat recovery ventilation system recovers up to 75% of heat energy, reducing humidity, limiting black mould growth, and cutting down condensation. We certainly felt the difference in our space’s air quality after installing and using this system.

Lastly, we appreciated how easy it was to install and maintain the unit. The system comes with a 2-speed controller and full installation instructions, which made it simple to set up. Additionally, the filters and heat exchangers are easily accessible and a breeze to clean.

On the downside, the Ventilation Megastore DHV-04/100B might not be the ideal choice for larger properties as it is designed to function efficiently in small spaces of approximately 40m² on normal speed. Furthermore, there is only a limited number of customer reviews available, making it harder to gauge its long-term performance. Lastly, the unit only includes one speed controller, which might affect those who prefer multiple control options.

Overall, the Ventilation Megastore DHV-04/100B MVHR system is an excellent option for those seeking an efficient, eco-friendly, and compact heat recovery ventilation solution for small spaces.

Brookvent Aircycle ONE 150

A highly efficient single room heat recovery ventilation system, the Brookvent Aircycle ONE 150 is perfect for any UK home.


  • Exceptionally low power consumption and running costs
  • Effective heat recovery system providing up to 82% efficiency
  • Prevents condensation and mould in your home


  • Optional user controller sold separately
  • Cover may not suit every interior design
  • Requires regular cleaning to maintain performance

We found that the Brookvent Aircycle ONE 150 is an outstanding heat recovery ventilation system that provides excellent efficiency. With its remarkably low power consumption and running costs of around GBP 5 annually, it ensures your home stays comfortable without breaking the bank. Its energy-efficient integral regenerative heat exchanger offers up to 82% efficiency, transferring heat from extracted air to the incoming fresh air supply. By doing so, it enhances indoor air quality while significantly reducing heat loss.

The aesthetics of this ventilation system are modern and sleek, featuring a flat front cover that can be easily removed for cleaning without the need for tools. Keep in mind, though, that the design may not suit every home, so consider whether it matches your room’s existing decor. With three different airflow settings, the Aircycle ONE 150 offers a range of options to suit your specific needs. For added convenience, the optional user controller (sold separately) allows you to remotely control up to 10 units, enabling off/speed control and extract or supply settings.

A noteworthy advantage of using the Brookvent Aircycle ONE 150 ventilation system is its ability to prevent condensation and mould, which are crucial for a healthy living environment. However, this system does come with the added responsibility of regular cleaning to maintain its performance. It is also IPX4 protected for extra durability.

In conclusion, the Brookvent Aircycle ONE 150 is a superb choice for any UK homeowner looking to invest in a reliable and effective heat recovery ventilation system. Its low running costs, efficient heat recovery, and ability to prevent condensation and mould make it a wise investment for maintaining a comfortable and healthy home.

Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-35N BP.H Auto-Bypass & Pre-Heat

The Ventilation Megastore MVHR is a highly efficient and easy-to-use heat recovery ventilation system perfect for small to medium-sized spaces.


  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Improved air quality
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Not suitable for very large spaces
  • Heavy item weight
  • Limited design options

We’ve had the pleasure of using the Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-35N BP.H Auto-Bypass & Pre-Heat, and we can confidently say that it is a top-performing heat recovery ventilation system. Designed for use in small to medium-sized spaces, up to 250m² on normal speed, this unit not only reduces power consumption but also helps improve air quality.

One of the main benefits of this ventilation system is its ultra-low power consumption. As its name suggests, the unit is very quiet and efficient, making it perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. Furthermore, it helps reduce bills while saving the environment, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Another great feature of the Ventilation Megastore MVHR is that it improves air quality. It does this by recovering up to 90% of heat energy while removing stale air, reducing humidity, and limiting black mould growth and condensation. This is especially important for maintaining a healthy living environment, particularly for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

The unit is also very easy to use and maintain. It includes a 3-speed controller and full installation instructions, making setup a breeze. The filters and heat exchangers are easily accessible and easy to clean, ensuring top performance and a longer lifespan for the product.

However, the Ventilation Megastore MVHR does have a few drawbacks. One of these is that it may not be suitable for very large spaces, as it is designed primarily for small to medium-sized areas. Additionally, the item weight is quite heavy at 34 kg, which might pose some challenges when it comes to installation. Finally, the unit’s design options are limited, with the colour being restricted to grey.

Overall, the Ventilation Megastore MVHR – Heat Recovery Unit DHV-35N BP.H Auto-Bypass & Pre-Heat is an efficient and easy-to-use heat recovery ventilation system perfect for those looking to improve air quality while saving energy. Despite its few drawbacks, we believe it is a great investment for homeowners.

Buying Guide

a man testing a heat recovery ventilation system

As we explore the best heat recovery ventilation systems in the UK, it’s crucial to highlight the key factors you should consider when choosing a system. This guide covers some essential features to look for as you make an informed decision.

When selecting a ventilation system, efficiency is one of the most significant factors to consider. A high-efficiency system will transfer more heat between incoming and outgoing air. Look for systems that have a heat recovery efficiency of at least 85%. This will not only save on energy consumption but also contribute to a more sustainable household.

Next, we should consider the system’s airflow rate. The airflow rate depends on the size of your home and the number of occupants. It is typically measured in litres per second (L/s) or cubic metres per hour (m³/h). To maintain good indoor air quality, you’ll want to select a system that matches the airflow requirements of your home.

Installation ease is another crucial factor. Different systems have various installation methods, and some may require professional assistance. Keep in mind the available space in your home, as this will play a role in which system you choose. Additionally, pay attention to any maintenance requirements, such as accessible filters for easy cleaning.

Noise levels are also critical when selecting a heat recovery ventilation system. A noisy system could disrupt the comfort of your home. Aim for a system that operates at a noise level of 20 to 25 decibels (dB) or lower to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment.

Lastly, it’s important to take into account the system’s controls. Many modern heat recovery ventilation units offer convenient and user-friendly controls, such as smartphone apps or remote control options. You’ll want a system that provides flexibility and ease of use in managing its settings.

By considering these key factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best heat recovery ventilation system for your home in the UK. Happy shopping!

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