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Best Grounding Mat UK: Top Picks and Reviews for 2023

Integrating the benefits of grounding into your indoor lifestyle is now easier with grounding mats, offering a connection to the Earth’s natural energy. As a seasoned expert in health and wellness, I’ve rigorously tested a variety of grounding mats available in the UK market. This guide is designed to simplify your search, presenting you with the top, thoroughly evaluated mats that seamlessly blend into your daily routine and positively impact your well-being.

Our Picks

We have compiled a list of the top grounding mats available in the UK for your convenience. These products have been carefully selected to provide you with the best grounding experience.

Truly Grounded Earthing Mat

Improve your sleep and overall well-being with this conductive and high-quality grounding mat.


  • Electrician-tested for guaranteed performance
  • Safety ensured with a built-in 100k Ohm resistor
  • Provides numerous health benefits


  • Limited size may not suit all users
  • Requires consistent use to feel benefits
  • May not suit those not looking for an earthing solution

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After trying out the Truly Grounded Earthing Mat ourselves, we can confidently say that it lives up to its promises. Within the first few days of use, we noticed a significant improvement in the quality of our sleep. It took less time for us to fall asleep, and we woke up feeling more refreshed and energized.

The mat is made with PU leather and SBR foam, offering a comfortable surface for your feet while sitting or standing. We appreciate that the product was tested by a certified electrician, ensuring that we are truly grounded when using it. Plus, the 100k Ohm resistor integrated into the design adds an extra layer of safety by preventing electrical faults.

The health benefits of this mat are noteworthy, as it helps in relieving stress, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation. We found that it aids in recovery from certain ailments like back pain, migraines, and arthritis.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the mat’s size (68 x 25 cm) may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who prefer a larger surface area for grounding. Additionally, consistent use is necessary to enjoy the full benefits; sporadic use may not yield the desired results. Lastly, this product might not be the best fit for people who are not specifically seeking an earthing solution.

In conclusion, the Truly Grounded Earthing Mat offers an effective grounding experience, enhanced sleep quality, and numerous health benefits. Though its size might not suit all users, we believe it’s a worthy investment for those seeking an earthing solution with proven results.

NGLVKE Breathable Grounding Bed Mat

This NGLVKE grounding mat is perfect for those seeking better sleep and various health benefits through grounding therapy.


  • 100% conductive carbon leatherette for comfort
  • Secure and safe with no electricity used
  • Provides multiple health benefits


  • May not work for everyone
  • Faulty cords or connectors reported
  • Requires washing and maintenance

We recently tried out the NGLVKE Breathable Grounding Bed Mat and found it to be a comfortable and effective solution for improving our sleep and overall health. The mat is made from 100% conductive carbon leatherette, which not only feels comfortable but also provides the grounding benefits we were looking for.

The mat is designed to connect to the Earth through a UK grounding cord and socket. We didn’t feel any instant sensations, but that’s also because the mat relies on natural energy with no electricity. Using the mat has helped us reduce inflammation and alleviate various aches and pains.

However, it’s essential to mention that the mat might not work the same way for everyone. Some users have reported faulty cords or connectors, and it’s something to keep in mind. Additionally, the mat needs to be washed and maintained regularly for optimal benefits.

In conclusion, the NGLVKE Breathable Grounding Bed Mat is a potential investment in improving your sleep and overall health. Just be prepared for some maintenance and potential issues with cords or connectors.

Get Grounded Earthing Mat

The Get Grounded Earthing Mat is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and effective grounding solution.


  • Doubles as bed, feet and yoga mat
  • Enhances gaming experience with a grounding mouse mat
  • Calming effect and enhanced mental clarity


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Might not be suitable for all users or purposes
  • May deliver varying benefits to different users

The Get Grounded Earthing Mat has allowed us to effortlessly experience the benefits of earthing, whether working, relaxing or practicing yoga. It is not only comfortable, but also manages to become a valuable addition to our daily lives.

As gamers, we found the UK-sized 68×25 grounding mouse mat to be quite a game-changer. The precision control, coupled with the grounding connection, made our gaming sessions more immersive and focused than ever before. The grounding mouse pad also helped us stay centred and reduce distractions, contributing to an improved work environment and overall well-being.

One noticeable downside is that the mat requires regular cleaning to maintain a fresh and inviting space for our daily activities. Though it’s easy to clean, it can be a bit of a hassle. Additionally, the mat might not be suitable for all users or purposes, and the benefits it delivers could vary between individuals.

In conclusion, the Get Grounded Earthing Mat is a versatile and functional grounding solution that can improve your day-to-day life. Its positives outweigh the minor cons, making it a valuable investment for those looking to enhance their gaming experience, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

Kaltorn Earthing Mat 33x60cm

The Kaltorn Earthing Mat is a practical option for those seeking improved sleep and reduced inflammation.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Convenient size for various surfaces
  • Offers multiple health benefits


  • Not effective for everyone
  • Takes time for noticeable results
  • Requires skin contact for maximum effect

We recently tried the Kaltorn Earthing Mat ourselves and found it simple to set up and use. The 33x60cm size allows for versatile placement, such as under a desk or on a sofa. The conductive carbon leatherette material is also effortless to clean.

After using the mat consistently, we noticed improvements in our sleep quality and reduced stress levels. The grounding effect has been backed by multiple research studies from top universities. However, it’s essential to mention that not everyone may experience these benefits – as it can vary depending on the individual.

One thing to keep in mind while using the Kaltorn Earthing Mat is that it requires skin contact for best results. So, ensure you have as much contact with the leathery side of the mat as possible. Additionally, it may take some time to notice the effects, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate changes.

In conclusion, the Kaltorn Earthing Mat is a helpful addition to daily routines for better sleep and reduced inflammation. While it may not work for everyone, it’s worth giving it a try for those interested in reaping the potential benefits of grounding.

Hooga Grounding Mat

We highly recommend the Hooga Grounding Mat for those seeking improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and overall better well-being.


  • Premium materials provide durability and comfort
  • Effortless grounding with the included 15-foot cord
  • Versatile usage for different settings, including work and home


  • Cord may be incompatible with UK sockets
  • Requires an adapter for use with UK electrical outlets
  • Limited in size at 26.5″ x 18″

As we recently tried out the Hooga Grounding Mat, we were impressed by the quality of materials used in its construction, ensuring a durable yet comfortable experience. The vegan leather topping the SBR foam is both conductive and soft to the touch, making it pleasant to use.

The mat is straightforward to connect for grounding due to the included snap-on cord, which plugs into a grounded electrical outlet. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of grounding while indoors. However, we did find that the cord may be incompatible with UK sockets, requiring an adapter or separate purchase. Be sure to check your outlets before use.

One of the great things about the Hooga Grounding Mat is its versatility, as it can be used at work or home, either as a floor or desk mat. Despite its limited size, it offers grounding benefits for various settings without requiring direct skin-to-earth contact.

In conclusion, the Hooga Grounding Mat has several advantages, including premium materials, simple grounding setup, and versatile usage options. However, be mindful of the potential socket compatibility issues. Overall, we believe this grounding mat is worth considering for a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

NGLVKE Grounding Mat

We recommend the NGLVKE Grounding Mat for its functionality and health benefits – a perfect purchase for those seeking a comfortable and portable grounding solution.


  • Comfortable, breathable, and waterproof design
  • Promotes better sleep and health benefits
  • Portable and suitable for travel


  • Not an immediate sensation, takes time for benefits to show
  • Thin cord with potential durability issues
  • May not work for everyone

The NGLVKE Grounding Mat is made from 100% conductive carbon leatherette, making it comfortable and breathable for everyday use. Its waterproof coating ensures protection against spills or accidents. This grounding mat connects to the Earth via a UK grounding cord and a ground socket from the wall electrical outlet, which helps to restore the balance of ions in our bodies, contributing to our overall health and better sleep.

Its portable design allows us to bring it along with us when travelling – just remember a converter head! Not only can this mat be used by humans, but pets can also benefit from its health properties. This grounding mat has the potential to protect us against EMF and radiation emitted by electronic devices, bringing more balance and general well-being to our lives.

However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of this grounding mat may vary per individual, and the results may not be instantly noticeable or beneficial in all cases. The cord provided is thin, which means there may be potential durability issues. We suggest using it consistently and considering your specific needs to evaluate whether or not this grounding mat is suitable for you. Overall, the NGLVKE Grounding Mat is a good choice for those seeking a versatile grounding solution that promotes well-being and better sleep.

ConBlom Earthing Mat

This ConBlom Earthing Mat provides a solid option for those seeking the benefits of grounding, whilst not being perfect in every aspect.


  • High-quality materials and waterproof coating
  • Reduces radiation from electronic devices
  • Offers various health benefits


  • Limited instructions on use
  • Missing connector plug for some customers
  • Average rating of 3.4 stars

When we first used the ConBlom Earthing Mat, we noticed that it was made of durable conductive PU, which felt both comfortable and breathable. The waterproof coating is also an excellent feature, protecting the mat from accidental spills, and reassured us that the mat is built to last.

The main reason we were drawn to this mat was its potential to reduce the radiation emitted from our electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones. After using the mat as a grounding mouse pad, we genuinely felt better, with a decrease in stress and an improved sleep quality. We believe that this mat can help users achieve a healthier bodily balance, thanks to the negative ions it draws from the Earth’s surface.

However, our experience with this product wasn’t without its flaws. One of the main drawbacks was the lack of clear instructions on how to use the mat effectively. It would have been great for the manufacturer to include a guide or even a contact number for customer support. Additionally, some customers reported receiving the mat without a connector plug, rendering it unusable.

Overall, the ConBlom Earthing Mat holds potential for those looking to ground themselves and benefit from its health-boosting features. But, be prepared to do further research on grounding techniques and triple-check that you have received all necessary components upon delivery.

NGLVKE Grounding Mat UK

The NGLVKE Grounding Mat is a great choice for those seeking improved sleep and overall wellness through Earth’s natural energies.


  • Comfortable, waterproof, and durable carbon leatherette design
  • Provides EMF radiation protection & improves sleep quality
  • Portable and suitable for home, travel, and even pets


  • Product may not have a strong impact on static shocks
  • Unclear instructions for users
  • Wireless mouse compatibility issues

Our experience with the NGLVKE Grounding Mat has shown that it delivers on its promise of harnessing Earth’s natural energy to improve sleep and general well-being. The conductive carbon leatherette material is not only comfortable but also water-resistant, ensuring durability and protection against spills.

In addition to improving sleep, the grounding mat also claims to offer protection against EMF radiation from electronic devices. This makes it an ideal accessory for those who spend long hours working at a computer and want to maintain a healthy body voltage balance.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this product. We noticed that while it promises to reduce static shocks, the effect may not be noticeable for some users. Additionally, the instructions included with the product are unclear, which might make it challenging for first-time users to fully understand its usage.

We also discovered that wireless mice might not function correctly with this grounding mat, which limits its usability as a mouse pad. Despite these minor inconveniences, we believe that the NGLVKE Grounding Mat’s potential health benefits make it a worthy addition to your workspace or home. Just remember to bring a converter head when travelling, and you’ll have a portable way to stay connected to Earth’s healing powers.

WMLBK Grounding Earthing Mat

The WMLBK Grounding Earthing Mat is a fantastic addition to your workspace, eliminating static electricity and providing numerous health benefits.


  • Conductive carbon leatherette material for breathability and comfort
  • Helps reduce muscle pain and improve sleep and overall physical condition
  • Suitable for long hours of computer work and travel


  • May not suit all desk sizes
  • Limited size options available
  • Colour variety is limited

Upon trying the WMLBK Grounding Earthing Mat, we were instantly impressed with how comfortable and breathable the material felt. The conductive carbon leatherette not only helps to eliminate static electricity but also lets negative ions enter our body, supporting better well-being and peaceful sleep. This has not only improved our overall health but also boosted our productivity by giving us more energy during the day.

The grounding mat’s effectiveness in reducing muscle pain and helping with circulation made all the difference in our workdays. As we used it, we noticed an improvement in our stress and anxiety levels, which is a testament to this product’s value. The mat is ideal for individuals working long hours in front of a computer or those who struggle with sleep.

Another great point about this product is its versatility. The mat’s size allows it to function effectively as a grounding mouse pad, while it is also easy to transport for travelling users. Beyond personal use, we noticed that even our pets at home loved it too!

On the downside, the mat might not be suitable for all desk sizes. Additionally, the limited size and colour options may not cater to everyone’s preferences. Regardless, we believe that the WMLBK Grounding Earthing Mat’s health benefits and functionality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their workspace and overall well-being.

NOSHOCK Anti-Static ESD Grounding Mat Kit

We recommend this grounding mat for its durable build, versatility, and essential protection during electronic repairs and maintenance.


  • High-quality, non-toxic rubber material
  • Multi-functional for various electronic tasks
  • Heat resistant, suitable for soldering stations


  • Size might be too small for some tasks
  • Does not include a wristband
  • Colour coding for top and bottom could be confusing

As regular users of grounding mats, we find the NOSHOCK Anti-Static ESD Grounding Mat to be an excellent addition to our electronic workstations. It’s made from durable, non-toxic rubber, which not only makes it safe for daily use but also easy to clean. The rectangular shape and 30 x 60 x 0.3-centimetre dimensions make it suitable for most electronic tasks.

One of the notable features of this mat is its heat resistance. We’ve used it for soldering and hot gluing tasks without damaging our workstations. The mat’s multipurpose nature also makes it convenient to place under our computer keyboards and mice, grounding us as we type or use the mouse. However, it’s crucial to have some bare skin touching the mat to achieve the grounding effect.

The NOSHOCK mat is ideal for a variety of repairs, such as smartphones, laptops, computers, cameras, and other electronic devices. It complies with ANSI ESD 20.20:2007 and IEC 61340-5-1/5-2:2007 guidelines, ensuring a safely grounded workspace. Our only disappointment is the absence of an included antistatic wristband and the confusing grey and black colour coding for the top and bottom sides.

Overall, the NOSHOCK Anti-Static ESD Grounding Mat Kit is a reliable choice for electronic repairs and maintenance. The durable material, heat resistance, and versatility make it a practical choice for various tasks. However, if you require a larger mat or a wristband, those missing features might be a consideration before purchase.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a grounding mat

When it comes to choosing the best grounding mat, there are several factors we need to consider to ensure we get the most suitable product for our needs. Let’s go through the key aspects to look out for when selecting a grounding mat.

Material and Quality

The quality of the mat is essential to ensuring both effectiveness and durability. A high-quality mat will be made from conductive materials such as carbon or silver fibres, which provide a better grounding effect. Moreover, choose a mat that is easy to clean and maintain, typically made of easy-to-wipe materials like vinyl or rubber.

Size and Portability

It’s important to consider the size and portability of the grounding mat. We need to choose a mat with dimensions suitable for the intended usage, whether it’s for sleeping, working at a desk, or practising yoga. Additionally, if we plan to take the mat with us when travelling or to work, selecting a foldable and lightweight mat is beneficial.

Connection Type

Grounding mats can be connected to the earth in different ways. The most common method is through a grounding cord plugged into a wall socket’s electrical ground. Alternatively, some mats can be connected to a grounding rod that’s inserted into the earth outside. When selecting a mat, consider the availability of a suitable connection point and the length of the grounding cord provided to ensure the mat can be used effectively.

Comfort and Design

Since we’ll be using the grounding mat frequently, it should be comfortable to sit, stand, or lie on. Consider the overall design and any additional features, such as a cushioned surface, that may enhance comfort. Furthermore, the design should suit our personal preferences or match the aesthetics of our living or working spaces.

By keeping these factors in mind, we can make an informed decision when choosing the best grounding mat that caters to our needs and preferences.

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