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Best Embroidery Machine UK: Top Picks for 2024

Embroidery machines are revolutionizing the way we personalize and embellish fabrics in the UK, from home décor to clothing. With our extensive experience in textile arts, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect machine amidst the myriad of options. In this article, we’ll guide you through selecting the ideal embroidery machine, leveraging our years of expertise and rigorous testing to ensure you make an informed choice that enhances your creative journey.

Our Picks

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top embroidery machines available in the UK market. Discover your ideal machine to create intricate and exquisite designs with ease and precision.

Brother Innovis F540E Embroidery Sewing Machine

The Brother Innovis F540E is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and user-friendly embroidery machine.


  • Intuitive 3.7″ colour touchscreen display
  • Advanced needle threading system
  • Wireless connectivity for easy design transfer


  • Slightly higher price point
  • May require additional accessories for certain projects
  • Wireless setup could be challenging for some users

The Brother Innovis F540E Embroidery Sewing Machine offers an impressive selection of 193 built-in embroidery patterns, including 55 that are unique to the F-series. With 13 embroidery fonts available, crafting original text designs becomes effortless. The large 180 x 130 mm embroidery area allows for ample workspace, and the wireless connectivity makes it simple to transfer designs and connect to Artspira, Brother’s creative hub.

One of our favourite features is the advanced needle threading system, which makes threading the machine quick and seamless. The slide speed controller and drop-in bobbin further enhance the user experience, regardless of your skill level. However, be prepared to invest in some additional accessories, as certain projects may require them.

The wireless connectivity might present a learning curve for some users, but once set up, it brings the convenience of design transfer without the need for cables. The included LCD screen, while offering vibrant colours and precise control, could benefit from being larger for those who struggle with smaller touch surfaces.

Overall, we genuinely enjoy working with the Brother Innovis F540E Embroidery Sewing Machine. Its extensive design library, user-friendly interface, and wireless capabilities make it a solid choice for both beginners and experienced embroiderers alike. If you’re serious about investing in your embroidery journey and want a machine that won’t limit your creative potential, we highly recommend the Innovis F540E.

Brother Innovis M380D Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This compact yet powerful machine is perfect for those who are seeking the magic touch of Disney and versatility in their sewing and embroidery creations.


  • Colour touchscreen for easy navigation
  • 200 built-in embroidery designs, including 65 Disney designs
  • Customisable stitches with My Custom Stitch™


  • Technical setup might be challenging for beginners
  • Can be overwhelming for inexperienced users
  • Alignment and tongue issues reported by some users

After spending time with the Brother Innovis M380D, we instantly fell in love with its array of impressive features. The colour touchscreen made navigating through the numerous built-in stitches and embroidery designs a breeze. With 200 embroidery designs to choose from, including 65 delightful Disney options, we were never at a loss for inspiration.

One thing that sets this machine apart is the My Custom Stitch™ feature, which allowed us to design our own unique stitches. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to any project. Additionally, we appreciated the 181 sewing stitches and the 100×100 mm embroidery area, giving us ample space for creating a variety of projects.

However, we did find that the initial technical setup, such as connecting to Wi-Fi, might be a bit challenging for beginners. The abundance of features could potentially feel overwhelming for someone just starting their sewing journey. Moreover, we noticed a few users encountered issues with alignment and the tongue function.

In conclusion, the Brother Innovis M380D Sewing and Embroidery Machine is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of Disney magic to their projects and who are willing to navigate the initial technical setup. If these features suit your needs, give this machine a try and unleash your creativity!

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine

An excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, user-friendly embroidery machine with a range of useful features.


  • 100 stitch electronic sewing machine with needle threader
  • Quick set drop-in bobbin and drop feed mechanism
  • Comes with extra wide table and free motion embroidery foot


  • Self-threading function not very efficient
  • More complex than basic sewing machines
  • Some parts made of plastic instead of metal

Embarking on a creative journey with the Brother FS100WT embroidery machine, we were delighted by its functions and performance. The 100 stitch electronic sewing machine equipped with a needle threader enables us to complete intricate patterns with ease. Additionally, the quick set drop-in bobbin and drop feed mechanism save us time when working on our projects.

However, we did notice that the self-threading function was not as efficient and easy as we would have liked, and sometimes resorted to threading the needle manually. Moreover, for beginners, this machine can be more complex compared to basic sewing machines, potentially causing a steep learning curve.

While the Brother FS100WT offers an extensive range of features, we do have concerns over the durability of certain parts made of plastic instead of traditional metal. Regardless, the machine still offers good value and, overall, we think it’s a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to create stunning embroidery and sewing projects. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with time, you’ll master this versatile machine and bring your creative visions to life.

Brother Innov-Is 880E Embroidery Machine

The Brother Innov-Is 880E is an impressive embroidery machine packed with advanced features, making it a terrific investment for any embroidery enthusiast.


  • Large embroidery area (260 x 160mm) with various built-in designs
  • Advanced needle threader and automatic thread tension
  • Wireless connectivity and USB port for easy data transfer


  • Dedicated embroidery machine, not suitable for regular sewing tasks
  • Slightly heavy at 9 kg
  • Wireless transfer function available for Windows desktop operating system only

As we got our hands on the Brother Innov-Is 880E, we couldn’t help but appreciate the range of useful features, especially the large 4.9” colour touchscreen that enables easy access to the machine’s settings. The LED needle pointer ensures precise needle positioning, and the thread trimmer function helps to keep the workspace neat.

The Innov-Is 880E is not just about convenience – it’s also built to adapt to different fabrics, as the machine automatically detects the material being sewn and adjusts the tension accordingly. Its speed of up to 850 stitches per minute is impressive, and the drop-in bobbin system saves time while setting up. Moreover, new quilt embroidery blocks and border designs make it an exciting machine for quilters.

This embroidery machine’s wireless connectivity is a massive plus, but be aware that it only works with the Windows desktop operating system. With built-in tutorials, users can find all the help they need to get started with their embroidery projects.

Overall, we were delighted with the Brother Innov-Is 880E Embroidery Machine. It is highly suitable for individuals looking to expand their embroidery capabilities and explore new creative possibilities. Keep in mind that this machine focuses purely on embroidery and won’t function as a regular sewing machine. Despite that, its advanced features make it a worthy investment for anyone passionate about embroidery.

Uten Computerised Digital Sewing Machine

The Uten Computerised Digital Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced sewers alike, offering versatility, ease of use, and great value for money.


  • Versatile with 60 built-in stitches
  • Easy to use with slide speed control
  • Adjustable stitch length and width


  • Lightweight build may affect durability
  • Needle threader reported to stop working
  • Some issues with the stitch settings

The first thing we noticed about the Uten Computerised Digital Sewing Machine is its versatility. With 60 built-in stitches, it allows you to tackle a variety of projects, whether you’re just starting or have some experience under your belt. The LED light and LCD screen make for fuss-free sewing, enabling you to select stitches and settings with ease.

We appreciated the easy-to-use slide speed control feature, making it possible to operate the machine without a foot control. Convenient functions such as the automatic needle threader, reverse button, and 4-step buttonhole simplify the sewing process. The machine also allows you to customise stitch width and length, granting you more creative freedom for your sewing projects.

However, we did encounter a few drawbacks. The lightweight build of the Uten Sewing Machine might affect its durability in the long run, especially if you plan on using it frequently. Some users have reported the needle threader stopped working over time and experienced issues with the stitch settings. Despite these setbacks, the majority of users still found the machine efficient and functional.

In conclusion, the Uten Computerised Digital Sewing Machine is an excellent investment for those looking to upgrade their sewing skills or start from scratch. Its versatility, user-friendly features and customisable options make it an excellent choice for sewers of all levels, as long as you’re willing to overlook some minor drawbacks.

Brother Innovis F580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This versatile machine offers a balance of features and functionality, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced sewers alike.


  • Wide variety of stitches and embroidery patterns
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen controls
  • Impressive performance on various fabric types


  • Not the lightest machine on the market
  • May take time to explore all the features
  • Limited online support and tutorials

Having recently used the Brother Innovis F580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, we can confidently say it’s a reliable option for those looking to enhance their sewing projects. With 241 utility and decorative stitches, including 10 one-step buttonholes, we found it easy to bring our designs to life. The 193 built-in embroidery patterns offer excellent variety, with 55 of them being exclusive to the F-series.

The colour LCD touchscreen made adjusting designs and text a breeze; we could flip, rotate, and change the colour effortlessly. The on-screen editing function also helped to combine embroidery patterns and lettering fonts. We appreciated the My Custom Stitch feature, which allowed us to create and save our own decorative stitches for future use.

One standout aspect of the Innovis F580 is the Square Feed Drive System (SFDS), which ensured stitch quality and strength on different fabric types. We successfully tackled everything from lightweight fabrics to multi-layered materials without a hitch. The four-way side feeding capability also ensured precision and crispness in our decorative stitches.

In conclusion, the Brother Innovis F580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a solid choice for those seeking a mix of creativity and performance in their sewing projects. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers. However, its weight and limited online support may require some time to adapt for novice users. Overall, we believe this machine offers great value for its price.

Brother Innovis V5 LE Limited Edition Sewing & Embroidery Machine

The Brother Innovis V5 LE is a fantastic choice for those looking to upgrade to a versatile sewing and embroidery machine with user-friendly features.


  • Spacious embroidery area (200mm x 300mm)
  • Large LCD touch screen with on-screen editing
  • Over 700 built-in stitches and embroidery designs


  • Limited edition model may be harder to find
  • Slightly heavier at 15 kg
  • Might be an investment for some budgets

We recently had the opportunity to use the Brother Innovis V5 LE Limited Edition Sewing & Embroidery Machine, and it exceeded our expectations. This sophisticated all-in-one machine allows you to create beautiful embroidery, quilting, and home décor projects with ease.

The generous 11.25″ long arm and spacious embroidery area make it perfect for tackling large or intricate designs. We particularly loved the 200+ built-in embroidery designs, 17 fonts, and over 500 utility and decorative stitching options available.

Navigating the Innovis V5 LE was a breeze thanks to the large LCD touch screen, which also allows for on-screen editing of embroidery projects. We were impressed with the continuous automatic pressure system (ICAPS), which adjusts to different fabric thicknesses and ensures consistent stitch quality throughout the projects.

Importing additional designs via the USB port was hassle-free and significantly expanded our creative options. Quilters will appreciate the auto presser foot function, while the automatic electronic needle threader and independent bobbin winder add convenience to any sewing project.

In conclusion, the Brother Innovis V5 LE is an exceptional choice for those seeking a feature-rich, user-friendly sewing and embroidery machine. With its wide range of capabilities, you can confidently create stunning projects with precision and ease.

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine

This compact sewing machine is ideal for beginners and DIY enthusiasts who want to tackle small projects with ease.


  • 12 built-in stitch patterns for a range of projects
  • Dual-speed control and the versatility of hand switch or foot pedal operation
  • Built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch settings, and practical design


  • May struggle with thicker fabrics or heavy duty projects
  • Occasional issues with needle breaking during zig-zag stitches
  • Lacks a dedicated help line for troubleshooting

When we first tried the DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine, we were impressed by its compact and lightweight design. The included instructions were clear, helping us get started quickly. We appreciated the 12 preset stitch patterns, which made it easy to complete various projects without much trouble.

During operation, we found that the machine worked well on lighter fabrics, but it might not be suitable for heavier materials. The two-speed setting allowed us to choose between high and low speeds depending on the complexity of our projects, and the ability to switch between hand and foot control was a nice touch.

However, we encountered some issues while using zig-zag stitches, with the needles sometimes breaking as they hit the metal parts of the machine. These occurrences were infrequent, but it would be advised to have spare needles on hand. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated help line to assist with troubleshooting.

Despite these drawbacks, the DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine makes a good addition to any DIY enthusiast’s toolkit. Its compact size, wide range of stitch patterns, and adjustable settings make it a versatile and user-friendly option for beginner to intermediate sewers. Just bear in mind its limitations when it comes to heavy-duty projects or thicker fabrics.

BROTHER Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The BROTHER Innov-is NV2700 excels in both sewing and embroidery, making it a perfect choice for creative hobbyists.


  • Advanced sewing and embroidery functions
  • Large workspace and multi-directional drive
  • Smooth fabric feed and automatic pressure detection


  • May be overwhelming for beginners
  • Higher price point
  • Limited built-in font styles

We recently got our hands on the BROTHER Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine and were amazed by its advanced sewing and embroidery functions. It truly brings creativity to life and makes working on various projects a breeze.

The large 21 cm workspace and multi-directional drive allow for decorative stitches up to 40 mm in width, providing ample room for intricate designs. Additionally, the ICAPS automatic pressure detection system ensures consistent stitching quality across different fabric thicknesses.

However, we found that the BROTHER Innov-is NV2700 might be overwhelming for beginners due to its numerous features and capabilities. Furthermore, its higher price point may not suit all budgets. On the embroidery side, it offers 13 built-in font styles, which some users might find limiting.

In summary, the BROTHER Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a highly capable and versatile machine for creative individuals. It excels in both sewing and embroidery but may not be the best option for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Brother Stellaire XJ1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

The Brother Stellaire XJ1 is a versatile and innovative sewing and embroidery machine, perfect for those with limitless creativity.


  • Extensive range of built-in stitches, fonts, and designs
  • Easy and precise embroidery positioning through My Design Snap app
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen for customised designs


  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Bulkiness due to large embroidery area
  • Pricey compared to basic sewing machines

Using the Brother Stellaire XJ1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine, we found that our creative possibilities were endless. With 727 built-in decorative stitches, 4 sewing fonts, and 727 embroidery designs, including Disney and monograms, it’s easy to create a myriad of unique projects. We particularly enjoyed the colour shuffling feature which gave us a wider range of colour options.

One aspect we found very convenient was the My Design Snap app. All we had to do was take a picture of the fabric using our mobile phone, and the app wirelessly sends the data to the machine for easy embroidery positioning. We didn’t even need a computer to access this feature. Plus, My Design Center made customisation simpler than ever by allowing us to draw straight onto the touch screen or import our JPEGs to transform them into embroidery.

However, we did notice that the machine might be a bit overwhelming for beginners. With its many features and functionalities, there might be a learning curve to truly maximise its potential. Its size may also be a little daunting due to the extra-large embroidery area – 9.5 x 14 inches (360 x 240mm) – but this area allowed us to work on bigger projects with ease.

In conclusion, the Brother Stellaire XJ1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine is an excellent choice for ambitious and experienced sewers who want to explore their creativity to the fullest. The vast array of features and capabilities, easy-to-use mobile app, and user-friendly design make this machine truly worth the investment.

Buying Guide

a woman testing out an embroidery machine

We understand that choosing the best embroidery machine can be overwhelming, considering the various options available in the UK market. In this buying guide, we will help you navigate the essential features to look for when selecting the best product.

Price and Budget

First and foremost, consider your budget. Embroidery machines can range in price from affordable to high-end models. Have a clear idea of what you’re willing to spend, and keep in mind that sometimes investing a little bit more can pay off in long-term performance and functionality.

Ease of Use

An easy-to-use machine can make your experience more enjoyable and productive. Look for a user-friendly interface and features like automatic threaders, built-in tutorials, and responsive touchscreens.

Embroidery Area

The embroidery area is a crucial aspect to consider. It determines the size of designs you’ll be able to work on. Make sure the machine has a hoop size suitable for your projects, and if necessary, look for models that offer multiple hoop sizes.

Built-in Designs and Connectivity

A machine with built-in designs allows you to jump straight into your projects. However, you’ll also want the capability to import your own designs. Check for connectivity options, such as USB ports, to easily transfer your files onto the machine.

Customisation Features

For added creativity, look for machines that offer customisation features like resizing, rotation, or text editing. These functionalities can help you fine-tune your designs to achieve the desired look.

Brand Reputation and Support

Finally, research the manufacturer’s reputation in terms of durability, reliability, and customer support. A good warranty is also essential, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment.

By considering these features, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect embroidery machine that suits your needs and budget. Happy embroidering!

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