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Best Double Oven UK: Top 10 Picks for Efficient Cooking in 2023

Double ovens are a game-changer in UK kitchens, offering the ability to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. As an expert in kitchen appliances, I’ve researched and tested a variety of double ovens, focusing on factors like efficiency, ease of use, and design. This article provides well-informed recommendations to help you choose a double oven that suits your cooking style and kitchen aesthetics.

Our Picks

I’ve carefully researched and compiled a list of the top double ovens available in the UK, ensuring a combination of quality, reliability, and excellent cooking performance. Continue reading to discover the best options for your kitchen.

Russell Hobbs 92L Built Under Electric Fan Double Oven

This double oven is an ideal choice for large families and those who love to cook multiple dishes at once, offering impressive capacity and convenient features.


  • 92L total capacity ideal for family cooking
  • Fan-assisted bottom oven for even temperature
  • Easy-clean interior for hassle-free maintenance


  • No installation rails included
  • Cooling fan operation seems random
  • Top oven requires preheating

I recently had the opportunity to use the Russell Hobbs 92L Built Under Electric Fan Double Oven and I’m quite impressed with its performance. The oven’s impressive capacity and fan-assisted bottom oven made cooking for my family an enjoyable experience with delicious results.

One noteworthy aspect of this double oven is its generous 92L total capacity, making it perfect for cooking larger meals or preparing multiple dishes simultaneously. This is particularly helpful during busy holiday seasons or when hosting dinner parties.

As for its features, the oven’s fan-assisted bottom oven ensures an even cooking temperature, which aids in achieving well-cooked and mouth-watering dishes. Additionally, the easy-clean interior of the oven saves time and effort, ensuring the appliance continues to look and function as good as new.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The oven does not come with installation rails included, which can cause some inconvenience during setup. The cooling fan operation seems a bit random, and it’s worth noting that the top oven requires preheating before using – so it’s crucial to plan accordingly.

In conclusion, the Russell Hobbs 92L Built Under Electric Fan Double Oven offers an impressive capacity and convenient features, making it ideal for those who love to cook for their families or host gatherings. Its few shortcomings can be easily overcome, ensuring a satisfying and practical addition to any kitchen.

Bosch MBS533BB0B Serie 4 Electric Double Oven

I highly recommend the Bosch MBS533BB0B Serie 4 Electric Double Oven for its even heat distribution, sleek design, and convenient self-cleaning feature.


  • 3D Hotair technology for perfect results on up to three levels
  • Easy-to-use red LED display and time functions
  • EcoClean Direct for minimal cleaning effort


  • Limited extra grill shelf
  • Learning curve with multiple settings
  • Slightly heavy at 28.5 kg

I recently had the pleasure of using the Bosch MBS533BB0B Serie 4 Electric Double Oven, and I must say I was impressed with its performance. The 3D Hotair technology ensures an even heat distribution, providing perfect results on up to three levels. This was incredibly helpful when baking multiple trays of cookies simultaneously.

The oven also features a red LED display control, which made it easy to use thanks to the time functions. I appreciated the convenience of setting timers and adjusting temperatures without any complications. Moreover, the pop-out controls not only make the front of the oven easy to clean but also give it a sleek and modern look that blends well in any kitchen.

The EcoClean Direct feature was a major selling point for me. The special coating on the rear wall of the lower oven considerably reduces cleaning efforts, allowing me to spend more time enjoying my baked goods and less time scrubbing. However, I did find the limited extra grill shelf to be a bit of a drawback. Having an additional shelf would indeed increase the oven’s versatility.

One minor issue I encountered was the array of settings the oven offers. While having multiple options is great, there was a bit of a learning curve involved. But after familiarizing myself with the different features, I found them more convenient to use. Lastly, I should mention the oven’s weight, which is slightly on the heavier side at 28.5 kg. However, this didn’t pose any significant issues during installation or use.

In conclusion, the Bosch MBS533BB0B Serie 4 Electric Double Oven is a wise investment for those seeking an efficient, sleek, and convenient double oven for their kitchen. With its even heat distribution and convenient self-cleaning feature, this oven is sure to simplify your cooking and baking experiences.

Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Black Glass Double Oven & Timer

The Cookology CDO900BK is an excellent choice for those seeking a sleek, efficient, and budget-friendly double oven for their kitchen.


  • Exceptional value with efficient performance
  • Large 72-litre main oven capacity and 34-litre top oven
  • 12-month guarantee


  • Rattling sound experienced by some users
  • Only one grill rack in each oven
  • Delivery time could be improved

I recently installed the Cookology CDO900BK double oven, and I must say I’m impressed. This stylish black glass oven fits seamlessly into a standard cut-out for a double oven at eye-level, adding a sleek touch to my kitchen. I’ve found it easy to use and efficient, with its fan-assisted main oven and conventional top oven and grill.

The spacious 72-litre main oven has allowed me to cook larger meals with ease, be it a Sunday roast or a casserole. The top oven provides a 34-litre capacity, perfect for cooking side dishes or grilling. The rotary controls and touch timers make adjusting the temperature, settings and timers simple and accessible.

However, I did notice a slight rattling sound while using the oven. This issue seems to have been experienced by a few other users, but the company addressed the concern promptly. Another drawback was the presence of just one grill rack in each oven. I would have appreciated additional racks for more versatile cooking.

Despite these concerns, Cookology offers a 12-month guarantee, providing reassurance on their product quality. Furthermore, the oven is easy to clean, and considering the capabilities it offers, it’s definitely good value for money. I recommend the Cookology CDO900BK double oven to anyone looking for a budget-friendly appliance that delivers on performance and aesthetics.

Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker – Stainless Steel

The Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker is a fantastic choice for those seeking practical features and stylish design.


  • Catalytic Liners for easy cleaning
  • Click&Clean removable inner glass door
  • Anti-stick tray adds flexibility and convenience


  • Quite heavy at 75 kg
  • Could have more than one rack for baking
  • May not be suitable for smaller kitchens due to size

Recently, I had the pleasure of using the Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker, and I must admit, it impressed me with its innovative design and practical features. From preparing dinner for my family to baking a mouth-watering cake, this cooker was a true workhorse in the kitchen.

One of the standout features for me was the Catalytic Liners – they made cleaning so much easier. As someone who enjoys cooking but dreads the cleanup, this feature allowed me to spend less time scrubbing and more time with my family.

The Click&Clean system was another highlight as it made cleaning the oven door a breeze. With just one click, the inner glass door could be removed and cleaned effortlessly, ensuring a spotless look.

The included Anti-Stick tray not only prevented my food from sticking but also doubled as an extra shelf, providing added flexibility when cooking multiple dishes. With its generous 77-litre cavity, cooking large meals for my family was a breeze, and the warming drawer was a great way to keep our food warm until we were ready to eat.

However, I must mention that the cooker is quite heavy at 75 kg – not exactly the easiest thing to move around. Also, having only one rack for baking might be limiting for some home chefs, and its size may not suit smaller kitchens.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Indesit 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker for those seeking a stylish and practical addition to their kitchen. The pros outweigh the cons, making it an excellent investment for UK home cooks.

Hisense BID99222CXUK Double Oven

The Hisense BID99222CXUK is a top choice for anyone seeking an efficient, spacious, and easy-to-use electric double oven in the UK.


  • Multifunctional main oven
  • User-friendly display and minute minder
  • Easy cleaning with special liners


  • Bulkier size may not fit all kitchens
  • Limited to electric fuel type
  • No mention of smart features

I recently had the opportunity to use the Hisense BID99222CXUK double oven, and I was really impressed with its performance. Its main oven offers various cooking functions, giving me flexibility to bake or grill my dishes perfectly. The minute minder feature was a lifesaver, alerting me when my food was ready, so I didn’t have to worry about overcooking anything.

The clear and easy-to-read display made it simple to navigate and set my desired cooking options. I also appreciated how the special liners inside absorbed grease, making the cleaning process much smoother – it saved me so much time and effort!

However, I did notice that the oven’s size can be an issue for some kitchens, as its larger dimensions may not fit perfectly in every space. Also, keep in mind that this oven is strictly electric; those looking for a gas option may need to search elsewhere. Lastly, while it provides excellent basic features, the oven doesn’t come with any smart features or connectivity options, which could be a drawback for some tech-savvy users.

Overall, the Hisense BID99222CXUK is a great double oven for anyone looking for convenience, efficiency, and generous cooking space. While it may not fit all kitchens or suit those who prefer a gas oven, its exceptional performance makes it a worthy investment for many home cooks.

Hisense HDE3211BBUK 60cm Electric Cooker

The Hisense HDE3211BBUK Electric Cooker is a reliable and efficient choice for those in need of a double oven with a ceramic hob.


  • Efficient main fan oven
  • Programmable timer with LED display
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic hob


  • Grill function may have a learning curve
  • Hob usage leaves faint marks
  • No grill pan included

After using the Hisense HDE3211BBUK Electric Cooker, I found the main fan oven to be quite efficient, circulating hot air evenly and allowing for a variety of cooking options. The programmable timer with an LED display made it effortless to track cooking times and even notified me when my meals were ready.

The ceramic hob offers a stylish finish and heats up quickly, making it a great option for fast cooking. Additionally, the easy-to-clean surface allows for simple maintenance, effortlessly wiping away any spills. However, be prepared for faint marks appearing after using the hob.

An aspect I found slightly disappointing was the absence of a grill pan, which seems like a necessary accessory for a double oven appliance. Additionally, the grill function may have a learning curve, as the dial needs to be rotated all the way and then back to the desired temperature.

In conclusion, the Hisense HDE3211BBUK Electric Cooker is a reliable choice for those seeking an efficient and stylish double oven with a ceramic hob, but be prepared for a few minor drawbacks.

Cookology CDO900SS 90cm Double Oven

The Cookology CDO900SS is an impressive high-performance double oven suitable for anyone seeking style and efficiency in their kitchen.


  • Stylish design and finish
  • High-end features
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires professional installation
  • No grill pan handle
  • Instructions could be better

I recently had the opportunity to use the Cookology CDO900SS 90cm double oven in my own kitchen. This combination of two ovens offers a range of options for home cooks, with the top oven functioning as both a conventional oven and a grill. The main, larger oven is fan-forced, providing quick and even heat distribution.

The stylish black glass and stainless steel finish, paired with touch controls and silver dials, make the CDO900SS a perfect addition to a modern kitchen. Its sleek design complements other high-end appliances for a coordinated look.

One thing I appreciate about this double oven is how easy it is to clean. The enamel interior can be wiped down quickly, and the removable oven doors, inner door glass, and shelf racks make cleaning even more convenient.

On the downside, potential buyers should note that the Cookology CDO900SS requires professional installation, as it needs to be connected to a 6mm 32amp cooker cable by an electrician. This means it cannot simply be plugged into a 13 amp socket. Additionally, the unit does not come with a grill pan handle, which may be inconvenient for some users. Moreover, several users have mentioned that the instructions provided could be clearer.

Overall, I found the Cookology CDO900SS to be highly functional, with a stylish design that would fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen. However, if you’re planning to take advantage of the grilling option, you might want to invest in a separate grill pan handle for easier use.

Hotpoint 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker with Assisted Cleaning – Black

The Hotpoint HDM67G9C2CB Double Oven is a great addition to any kitchen, with its advanced features and stylish design that will elevate your cooking experience.


  • Multiflow Technology for even heat distribution
  • Precise 10-level flame control
  • Easy-to-clean removable top door


  • Raised top may not appeal to all users
  • No batteries included
  • Polish origin may be concerning for some

Having tried my hand at preparing a Sunday roast with this Hotpoint Double Oven, I found the Multiflow Technology to work wonders in evenly distributing heat throughout both levels of the oven. This ensured that my roast came out cooked to perfection, without any undercooked or overcooked areas.

The precise 10-level flame control allowed me to select the ideal flame level for each recipe, ensuring the best possible results. I also appreciated the removable top door which made it extremely easy to clean the oven thoroughly. Gone are the days when I had to deal with accumulated grease and fat on my oven doors.

The catalytic cleaning liners were another impressive feature. Instead of spending time scrubbing the oven clean from top to bottom, the liners used the oven’s heat to break down grease and keep the interior spotless. This not only saved me time but also made the oven more enjoyable to use regularly.

While the raised top may not be everyone’s preference, I found it to be a minor issue that didn’t significantly impact my cooking experience. Overall, I believe the Hotpoint HDM67G9C2CB Double Oven offers exceptional value and performance, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances.

Hisense BI62212ABUK Built-in Electric Single Oven – Black

The Hisense BI62212ABUK is a great addition to any kitchen with its versatile baking options, fast heat up time, and easy cleaning process.


  • Large 77-litre capacity suitable for big households
  • Unique oven design ensures even cooking results
  • Steam clean feature simplifies cleaning process


  • Controls can be somewhat complicated
  • Fan may over-run for longer durations
  • Instruction manual could be clearer

Having recently used the Hisense BI62212ABUK, I was quite impressed with its 77-litre capacity which proved to be perfect for my large family. Baking various dishes was a breeze as the specially-shaped oven design ensured even cooking results throughout the entire process.

Another aspect that I appreciated was the fast preheat feature. In my experience, the oven reached up to 200˚C in less than 5 minutes, which significantly reduced the overall cooking time. This allowed me to spend more time with my family and less time waiting for the oven to heat up.

Cleaning the Hisense oven was surprisingly easy thanks to its steam clean function. This feature uses steam to soften food residue, making it a lot simpler to wipe away any stubborn stains or spills. It significantly cut down the time and effort required for oven maintenance.

However, one drawback I faced was the somewhat confusing controls. It took me a while to familiarise myself with them, but once I did, navigating the settings became more comfortable. Additionally, the fan could be quite noisy and tended to run for an extended period. To shorten that time, I often left the oven door open halfway after cooking.

Despite its quirks, the Hisense BI62212ABUK is a fantastic choice for those looking to invest in a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly built-in electric single oven.

Hisense BI64211PB 77 Litre Built In Electric Oven

I recommend the Hisense BI64211PB as a great option for a double oven, boasting handy features and efficient performance.


  • 77 litre capacity, perfect for large households
  • Healthier special air fry programme
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning function


  • Instructions can be confusing with many settings
  • Dials do not sit flush like on other models
  • Some reports of missing racks and pans

I recently used the Hisense BI64211PB electric oven, and I must say it didn’t disappoint. The 77-litre capacity truly makes cooking for large families or hosting dinner parties a breeze. One feature I especially appreciated was the special air fry programme, which not only provided delicious results but also proved to be a healthier alternative to traditional frying.

The pyrolytic self-cleaning function is another feature to be admired. Gone are the days I had to spend hours scrubbing baked-on grime from my oven. With this powerful cleaning function, the oven heats to very high temperatures, incinerating any residue and making it easy to wipe away afterwards. Plus, the oven’s fast preheat ability is quite impressive – it reaches 200°C in under five minutes, making it ideal for those who value efficiency in their kitchen.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks — the oven’s instructions can be a bit confusing, and the dials don’t sit flush unlike on other models. Furthermore, a few users have reported missing racks and pans with their deliveries, which can be an inconvenience.

Overall, I believe the Hisense BI64211PB offers a great combination of features to suit the needs of most households. With its large capacity, special air fry programme, and efficient cleaning function, it’s a solid investment for those who want a sleek, high-performance kitchen appliance.

Buying Guide

a young woman testing out a double oven

When looking for the best double oven in the UK, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you make a well-informed decision. In this buying guide, I will outline some of the key features and factors to consider when making your choice.


Firstly, think about the capacity you need in your double oven. If you have a large family or often cook for many guests, you’ll want an oven with a larger capacity to handle multiple dishes at once. On the other hand, if you have a smaller household, a more compact oven may suffice.

Fuel Type

Next, consider whether you prefer a gas or electric double oven. Electric ovens tend to heat up faster and offer more even heat distribution. Gas ovens, however, are often favoured for their responsiveness and the ability to see the flame, allowing for more precise temperature control.

Energy Efficiency

To save on energy bills and reduce your environmental impact, choose a double oven with a high energy efficiency rating. The latest models on the market typically have an A++ or A+ rating, providing excellent energy savings compared to older ovens.

Additional Features

Some additional features worth considering when selecting a suitable double oven include:

  1. Self-Cleaning: Ovens with self-cleaning technology can save you time and effort spent on scrubbing. Pyrolytic cleaning is particularly effective, as it uses high heat to turn food residue into easily removable ash.
  2. Telescopic Rails: These built-in rails make it easier to slide oven racks in and out, reducing the risk of spills and burns.
  3. Programmable Timer: A programmable timer helps you control your cooking more precisely and can even delay the start of cooking so your dish is ready when you need it.


Finally, keep in mind your budget when searching for the best double oven. While it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, consider the long-term benefits of investing in a higher quality oven with the features you desire. This may save you money in the long run through lower energy bills and fewer repairs.

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