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Best Dehumidifier for Drying Clothes UK: Top Picks and Reviews in 2023

In the damp UK climate, finding the right dehumidifier for drying clothes can be a game-changer for your home. With my extensive experience in home appliances, I’ve tested a variety of dehumidifiers to identify the most efficient and effective ones for this unique purpose. This article will guide you through the best models, focusing on their drying efficiency, energy consumption, and suitability for the UK environment. Let’s delve into the top picks to enhance your home’s comfort and functionality.

Our Picks

I have compiled a list of the best dehumidifiers for drying clothes in the UK. These products have been selected for their efficiency, performance and quality, ensuring that you can dry your clothes quickly and effectively, even on the dampest of days.

NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier

The NETTA 12L/Day Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for keeping your home dry, especially during the damp UK winters.


  • Efficiently removes up to 12L of moisture per day
  • Energy-saving operation with the power usage of only 170W
  • Numerous modes and digital control for easy usage


  • Tank capacity is limited to 1.5L
  • May be noisy for some users at 55db
  • Bulky size at 34x23x56cm

After using the NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier, I can confidently say that it is effective in removing moisture from the air, especially in rooms up to 20m². As someone who struggles with damp and mould issues, this dehumidifier has significantly improved the air quality in my home. The sleek design of the NETTA dehumidifier, with a glossy white finish and black trim, blends effortlessly with my home’s interior.

One of my favourite features of this dehumidifier is its energy-efficient operation. I have noticed no significant increase in my energy bills despite running it for several hours at a time. The digital control panel allows me to choose between two fan speeds, automatically restart the unit after a power outage, utilise the 24-hour timer, and use the auto-defrost feature. Additionally, the adjustable humidity control allows me to set the desired humidity level between 40-85%.

While the 1.5L tank capacity may be sufficient for smaller rooms, it may require more frequent emptying for larger spaces or extremely damp conditions. However, they’ve thoughtfully included a continuous drain-overflow pipe for convenience. The noise level, while tolerable for me, might bother some users who prefer quieter appliances. Lastly, the dehumidifier’s size might take up a considerable amount of space in smaller rooms or apartments.

Overall, I highly recommend the NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier for its functionality, efficiency, and design. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to tackle damp and mould, this dehumidifier is worth the investment.

MONHOUSE 12L/Day Digital Dehumidifier

The MONHOUSE 12L/Day Digital Dehumidifier is a reliable and efficient option for those looking to improve air quality and dry clothes effectively in the UK.


  • Efficient 12L/day capacity
  • Quiet operation with sleep mode
  • Customisable settings and 24-hour timer


  • Only a 2L water tank
  • May be limited to a single room’s effectiveness
  • Needs manual intervention to empty the water tank

I recently used the MONHOUSE Dehumidifier in my basement and was impressed by its effectiveness in removing excess moisture from the air. With its 12L/day capacity, the dehumidifier worked efficiently to lower the humidity levels, noticeably speeding up the drying process for my laundry. Its ultra-quiet operation, thanks to its advanced technology, was also a bonus as it didn’t disrupt my daily activities.

The MONHOUSE Dehumidifier comes with a range of customisable settings, including continuous mode for laundry drying, sleep mode for silent operation at night, and target mode, allowing me to set my preferred humidity range. The 24-hour timer and 2 fan speeds also provided added control and convenience, allowing me to tailor the operation to suit my schedule and preferences.

One drawback I found was that the 2L water tank filled up quite quickly, requiring frequent manual intervention to remove and empty it. However, there’s also the option to connect the included hose for automatic water expulsion. Additionally, while the dehumidifier worked well within the room it was placed, its effectiveness might not extend to other rooms in your home if placed in a central location.

In conclusion, the MONHOUSE 12L/Day Digital Dehumidifier is a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a dehumidifier to enhance air quality and dry clothes effectively in the UK. Its customisable settings, quiet operation, and portability make it ideal for use in various rooms, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

ZASTION Dehumidifier 2.2L

This compact and efficient dehumidifier is worth considering for those seeking a reliable solution for drying clothes in the UK.


  • Effective defrost protection
  • Two working modes: high and sleep mode
  • Smart dehumidification system


  • Average customer rating
  • Limited brand recognition
  • Smaller water tank capacity

I recently had the opportunity to use the ZASTION Dehumidifier 2.2L, which I found to be an effective solution for drying clothes in the damp UK climate. Its defrost protection system proves to be reliable, operating flawlessly even in low temperatures, preventing frost formation and ensuring the consistent performance of the device.

The ZASTION Dehumidifier has two working modes that cater to different needs. The high-speed mode is perfect for quick and efficient humidity control, while the sleep mode operates at a low speed, quietly functioning with less than 30db noise levels. I found this feature particularly useful as I could switch between modes according to my requirements.

One downside, however, is the ZASTION Dehumidifier’s overall customer rating of only 3.5 stars. This can be attributed, in part, to the brand’s limited recognition. That said, the brand has made a mark in advanced semiconductor technology, and the compact size and capacity of this model may appeal to some consumers.

With a 2200ml water tank, the ZASTION Dehumidifier may not offer as much storage as other high-capacity models in the market. However, the auto shut-off feature ensures leak-proof operation and prevents overflow when the tank is full. The device is easy to use and convenient for maintaining a healthy living environment in bedrooms, bathrooms, RVs, wardrobes, closets, and trailers.

AirEase 12L/Day Dehumidifier

The AirEase 12L/Day Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for drying clothes and maintaining a comfortable environment in the home.


  • Powerful 12L/Day dehumidification covering up to 15m2
  • Digital display with customisable humidity settings
  • Large 2.5L water tank with full alert


  • A bit heavy at 10kg
  • The noise level might be an issue for some (but has a sleep mode)
  • Not suitable for very large spaces

I recently used the AirEase 12L/Day Dehumidifier for drying clothes in the UK, and I was impressed with its overall efficiency. The dehumidifier has a powerful 12L/Day moisture removal capacity, which quickly helped to dry clothes and reduce the dampness in my room. The device is also suitable for small rooms, living rooms, and even garages, making it a versatile addition to any home.

The dehumidifier offers three modes (high/low/sleep) to tackle various situations. The digital display was particularly useful for showing the current temperature and humidity levels, helping me better understand the conditions in the room and adjust the settings accordingly. With a noise level under 36dB in sleep mode, the dehumidifier is relatively quiet, although the noise might still be an issue for some.

One thing I appreciated was the large 2.5L water tank which meant that I didn’t need to empty it too often. The full tank alert is a handy feature, ensuring that I don’t forget to empty the tank. However, the unit is slightly heavy at 10kg, but the 360-degree caster wheels and hidden side handles make it easy to move from room to room.

All in all, the AirEase 12L/Day Dehumidifier is a great product for drying clothes and improving indoor air quality within small to medium rooms in the UK. Despite being a bit heavy and having some noise, its powerful performance and user-friendly features make it a worthy investment for a comfortable and dry home.

Nyxi Home Dehumidifier 12L

The Nyxi Home Dehumidifier is a great purchase for anyone looking to efficiently remove moisture and dry clothes in UK homes.


  • Effective 12L per day dehumidification capacity
  • Clothes drying mode reduces energy usage
  • Portable design with a user-friendly digital control panel


  • 2L water tank may require frequent emptying
  • Noisy operation at ≤38dB
  • Heavier than other models at 10.9 kg

I recently bought the Nyxi Home Dehumidifier, and it has made a significant difference in my home’s air quality and drying clothes. The 12L per day dehumidification capacity means it quickly removes moisture from the air, making the environment much more comfortable, especially during damp winter months. Moreover, the clothes drying mode has been invaluable in cutting down my energy usage compared to my old tumble dryer.

Although the dehumidifier has a built-in 2L water tank, it does fill up quite quickly, meaning I need to empty it more often than I’d like. However, there is a drainage pipe provided for continuous drainage if that’s more convenient. One downside of this dehumidifier is the noise level, which, at ≤38dB, is higher than some other dehumidifiers on the market, making it less ideal for use while sleeping.

Despite its somewhat heavier weight of 10.9 kg, the Nyxi Home Dehumidifier is very portable, and the caster wheels make it easy to move around the house. The digital control panel allows me to check the humidity levels and adjust settings as needed, making it a user-friendly experience. Plus, the auto shut-off function adds peace of mind that the unit won’t overflow when the tank is full.

In conclusion, the Nyxi Home Dehumidifier has been an excellent investment for improving my home’s air quality while using less energy to dry my clothes. Although it has its drawbacks, such as a smaller water tank and slightly noisy operation, the overall performance and convenience make it a worthwhile purchase for UK households.

VonHaus Dehumidifier 1100ml

The VonHaus Dehumidifier is an efficient choice for those looking to combat dampness and dry their clothes in the UK.


  • Efficient moisture removal
  • 24-hour timer and auto shut-off
  • Night mode with quiet operation


  • Limited to 1100ml capacity
  • Not suitable for very large rooms
  • Colourful ambience may not suit everyone

From my experience, this VonHaus dehumidifier effectively removes up to 300ml of water per day, leaving my home feeling dry and free from musty smells and mildew. The smart LED display makes it easy to adjust the settings, while the 24-hour timer allows setting a specific power-off time.

In addition, the auto shut-off feature ensures that the device switches off when the water capacity is reached, saving energy and preventing any overflowing. As someone who enjoys a peaceful night’s sleep, I particularly appreciate the night mode function, which lowers the noise level from 35dB to 28dB and dims the digital display, allowing me to rest without any distractions.

One of the unique aspects of this dehumidifier is its colourful ambience. The choice of seven colours illuminates the water tank, adding flair to my home. However, this feature may not be to everyone’s taste, but personally, I find it quite enjoyable.

As a drawback, I should mention the limited capacity of 1100ml. While it’s enough to handle moisture in smaller rooms, the VonHaus dehumidifier might struggle to manage larger spaces effectively. Overall, I found this dehumidifier to be an excellent investment in maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of my home.

Beewin Dehumidifier for Home

The Beewin Dehumidifier is a great choice for those seeking an efficient and quiet appliance for drying clothes in the UK.


  • Highly efficient and auto defrost feature
  • Ultra quiet operation with 2 modes
  • Compact and portable design


  • Relatively small capacity (1000ml)
  • Best suited for smaller spaces up to 280 square feet
  • May need frequent emptying in high humidity areas

When I first used the Beewin Dehumidifier in my home, I noticed a significant improvement in air quality. It effectively removed excess humidity from the room, creating a more comfortable environment for drying clothes. The auto defrost function additionally ensured that it continued to work optimally in colder temperatures.

One of the best aspects of this dehumidifier is its quiet operation. I was impressed by how little noise it made, especially when using the sleep mode. This means it’s perfect for use in bedrooms, as it won’t disturb your rest. Although it has a reasonably compact and portable design, the downside is that it might not be suitable for larger rooms or areas with extreme humidity.

Despite its smaller capacity, this Beewin dehumidifier has been an excellent addition to my home. It effectively controls the humidity levels, allowing clothes to dry faster and preventing mould and mildew. The auto shut-off feature also provides peace of mind, as it prevents overflow once the water tank is full. Overall, I’ve had a positive experience using this sleek and quiet dehumidifier for drying clothes in the UK.

CONOPU Dehumidifier for Home Drying Clothes

The CONOPU Dehumidifier is a solid choice for those seeking an energy-saving, portable dehumidifier for drying clothes in the UK.


  • Energy-saving and efficient
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Compact and portable


  • Best results at temperatures >30° and humidity >80%
  • Small water tank capacity (0.7L)
  • May not be ideal for continuous use

I recently used the CONOPU Dehumidifier in my bedroom, and I was quite pleased with its performance. This dehumidifier is compact and light, making it easy to move around to different rooms if needed. Its 300ml/day rating effectively removed excess humidity in my bedroom, helping to prevent mould.

The noise level during its operation was surprisingly low, causing minimal disturbance when I was sleeping or working, which is a significant advantage for comfortable use. This would also make it ideal for spaces like the laundry room or the office without causing too much disruption.

However, this dehumidifier operates optimally at higher temperatures and humidity, so its performance may vary depending on the conditions. The water tank capacity is relatively small at 0.7 litres, so frequent emptying might be required. Some users have reported that it might not be the best option for continuous use.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the CONOPU Dehumidifier’s additional features like the multi-colour night light and auto-off function make it a wonderful addition to any home looking to tackle dampness and improve the air quality whilst drying clothes.

GJCrafts 1000ML Dehumidifier for Home

This GJCrafts dehumidifier is an efficient and quiet option for keeping rooms up to 280 square feet dry and free from mould.


  • Strong dehumidification suitable for various room sizes
  • Quiet operation with noise reduction duct processing
  • One-button fast drying clothes feature


  • Limited tank capacity of 1000 millilitres
  • Not ideal for larger spaces beyond 280 square feet
  • Limited customer reviews to verify long-term performance

I recently tried the GJCrafts 1000ML Dehumidifier and was pleasantly surprised at the powerful dehumidification it offered. I noticed a significant difference in the air quality and moisture levels in my home. It worked well in different rooms, like the living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom, in a timely manner.

The quiet operation of this dehumidifier is a major plus point. I set it to sleep mode before going to bed, and it continued to purify and dehumidify the air throughout the night without disturbing my sleep. I also appreciated the fast dry clothes feature, which proved handy when I needed to quickly dry out some clothes, and it did so without damaging the fibres or causing any unpleasant odours.

One downside, however, is the limited tank capacity of 1000 millilitres. This requires frequent emptying, especially in wetter environments. Also, if you’re trying to dehumidify larger spaces beyond 280 square feet, the performance might be less effective. While the overall rating was 4.2 stars based on 45 reviews, I wish there were more reviews to provide a clearer understanding of the product’s long-term performance.

In conclusion, the GJCrafts 1000ML Dehumidifier is a suitable and efficient option for those in need of dehumidification in small to medium-sized spaces. Its quiet operation and fast dry clothes feature make it a practical addition to any home.

NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier

The NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier is a fantastic solution for damp and mould issues in your home, with its user-friendly controls and energy-efficient performance.


  • Efficient humidity removal for rooms up to 25m²
  • Economic 200W power usage, costing as little as 7p per hour
  • Digital control with various modes and adjustable humidity settings


  • The 2-litre water tank capacity may require frequent emptying
  • The instruction manual may be difficult for some users to understand
  • Water tank can be fiddly to remove and prone to spillage

Using the NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier in my home has made a noticeable difference in the air quality and reduced the dampness in various rooms. Its sleek design fits well with my home decor, and the rolling caster wheels make it easy to move from one room to another.

The digital control panel allows me to choose between different fan speeds, set an automatic restart, and programme a 24-hour timer. I particularly appreciate the auto-defrost feature, as it ensures the dehumidifier functions optimally even in colder conditions. The adjustable humidity control, ranging between 30-80%, makes it adaptable to my preferences and needs.

One aspect I found a bit bothersome was the 2-litre water tank capacity. While it’s not extremely small, it does require frequent emptying, especially on heavy humidity days. Additionally, removing the water tank proved to be a bit fiddly, making it easy to spill some water in the process. That said, the NETTA 12L/Day Low Energy Dehumidifier is an excellent investment for keeping my home free from mould and dampness, without any significant spike in my energy bills.

Buying Guide

a woman testing a dehumidifier in a laundry room

As someone who wants to find the best dehumidifier for drying clothes in the UK, there are several factors and features you need to consider before making a purchase. In this buying guide, I will discuss the important aspects to keep in mind so that you can make an informed decision.


First and foremost, consider the dehumidifier’s capacity. This refers to the amount of moisture it can remove from the air in a 24-hour period, usually measured in litres. You should choose a unit with a suitable capacity based on the size of the area where you plan to use it. For smaller rooms, a lower-capacity unit might be sufficient, while for larger spaces, you might need a higher-capacity dehumidifier.

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing a dehumidifier, you should also look at its energy efficiency. Opting for an energy-efficient model helps reduce the running costs and is more environmentally friendly. You can find energy-efficient dehumidifiers by searching for models with Energy Star certifications or by comparing the energy consumption of different models.

Noise Levels

As dehumidifiers run continuously, it’s important to consider noise levels, especially if you plan to use it in a bedroom or living area. Some dehumidifiers are equipped with quiet modes, which can be beneficial if you are sensitive to noise.

Auto Shutoff and Timer

It’s useful to look for a dehumidifier with an auto shutoff and timer functionality. Auto shutoff means the unit will automatically turn off when the water tank is full, preventing overflow and water damage. A timer function allows you to set the device to run for a specific period, offering more control over energy consumption and costs.

Laundry Mode

Since you are looking for a dehumidifier specifically for drying clothes, ensure the unit you choose has a laundry mode or a similar function. This feature optimises drying times, and some models also offer settings to protect delicate fabrics.

In conclusion, when searching for the best dehumidifier for drying clothes in the UK, consider factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, noise levels, auto shutoff, timer functionality, and laundry mode. By taking these aspects into account, you will be able to find a suitable product that meets your needs and preferences.

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