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Carpets For Living Room Modern Sofas Grey Fluffy Carpet Bedroom Decoration Anti-slip Furry Large Rug Washable Floor Covering Mat


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Product Details


Manufactured in: China

Shape: Rectangular

Composition: 100% Polyester

Construction Details: A plush top layer, a cushioning sponge middle, and a non-slip adhesive base. Fibre length is approximately 4cm.

Unit Sale: Single Piece

Design Influence: Contemporary

Ideal Placement: Living Room

Fabrication Method: Machine Crafted

Size Options Available:

  • 40x60cm (15.74×23.62 inches)
  • 50x80cm (19.68×31.49 inches)
  • 60x90cm (23.62×35.43 inches)
  • 60x160cm (23.62×62.99 inches)
  • 80x120cm (31.49×47.24 inches)
  • 80x160cm (31.49×62.99 inches)
  • 80x200cm (31.49×78.74 inches)
  • 100x160cm (39.37×62.99 inches)
  • 100x200cm (39.37×78.74 inches)
  • 120x160cm (47.24×62.99 inches)
  • 120x200cm (47.24×78.74 inches)
  • 140x200cm (55.11×78.74 inches)
  • 160x200cm (62.99×78.74 inches)
  • 160x230cm (62.99×90.55 inches)

Product Highlights:

  1. A plush, vibrant carpet, available in multiple sizes, perfect for various spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, studies, children’s rooms, bay windows, dressing rooms, and balconies. It adds an aesthetic touch to any home.
  2. Choose from 19 enchanting colors and 14 different sizes. These bright, charming options are ideal for lighting up kids’ rooms and nurseries, creating a cosy and inviting space. Remember not to use bleach during washing to maintain the carpet’s vivid colour and vitality.
  3. The carpet is exceptionally soft, and its anti-slip rubber backing ensures safety and comfort for children and babies during floor play.
  4. Package includes: 1 Rectangular Carpet.

Cleaning Recommendations: Suitable for both hand and machine washing.

Please Note:

  • The product colour may vary slightly from the images due to differences in lighting and screen settings.
  • Please allow minor variations in size due to manual measurement.

60200-1, 60200-2, 60200-3, 60200-Pink, 60200-Cream Color, 60200-Camel, 60200-Purple, 60200-Grey, 60200-White, 60200-Black, 60200-9, 60200-8, 60200-7, 60200-6, 60200-5, 60200-4, 60200-Grass green


60x160cm 23x63inch, 50x80cm Doormat, 60x90cm Doormat, 40x60cm Doormat, 80x120cm 31x47inch, 80x160cm 31x63inch, 80x200cm 31x78inch, 100x160cm 39x63inch, 100x200cm 39x78inch, 120x160cm 47x63inch, 120x200cm 47x78inch, 140x200cm 55x78inch, 160x200cm 63x78inch, 160x230cm 63x90inch


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